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August 18, 2022 5 min read

How to Choose Fine China for Your Wedding Registry

Making a wedding registry is probably one of the most fun things about planning your wedding. You can add so many things to the list, with fine china being on the top. It is one of the most popular registry items, so here are some easy ways that will help you choose fine china for your wedding registry.

Decide on a store in which you’ll choose fine china for your wedding registry

It's best to look for stores that have the fine china you want but also a large variety of other wedding registry items, so you can register at one store only instead of a couple. Find out which stores have the best prices compared to the products before you make a final decision. You will probably find the same fine china in multiple stores, so when making a choice of which one to register in, see what else they offer to soon-to-be-married couples. You might find tablecloths or flatware to accompany your new set of fine china.

Choose fine china for your wedding registry that will match the style of your home

Alt-text: fine china set with small pink flowers on a table

Choose fine china for your wedding registry by functionality

The first thing you should decide on is what size of the fine china set to register for. There's a big variety when it comes to the number of pieces included in the sets, so think about how often you'll use them, what the occasion will be when you do, etc. Most couples register for sets, which include from eight to twelve place settings, but you can choose a different number. If you have a large family or a group of friends you like to entertain, choose a set with a larger number of place settings. However, if you don't entertain as much or have a modest number of people you like to invite over, choose a smaller set with fewer place settings but with more pieces. 

Think about your needs and whether you will need more or less than the average number. If you are moving soon, or tend to move a lot, don't make a choice for a smaller set because it seems easier to transport. It doesn't matter how many items you pack. It only matters how you pack your items, especially how you pack dishes and breakables. If you use the right boxes, pack them carefully, and work with professional movers, you can ensure the safety of your fine china no matter how large the set is. 

What do fine china sets include? It all depends on the size of the fine china set. A three-piece set is the smallest and includes a cup, a dinner plate, and a saucer. A four-piece set will include those three and a salad plate, whereas a five-piece set will typically also include a soup bowl. If you can't decide on one set, you can even register for more than one fine china set for different purposes.


Choosing the style of your wedding fine china

There are many different designs and stores to choose from, and it can seem like the options are endless, but once you decide on the size and style, you will narrow the choice down significantly. Find something that is timeless, and that isn't just a temporary trend that will pass. Look for a set that goes well with your and your partner's taste and that will match your home. Suppose you've just started moving into your home together or expect to move after the wedding. In that case, your registry is the perfect opportunity to decide on the style you'll incorporate into your home. A wedding takes a lot of planning, so moving roughly at the same time can seem like a lot, but as roadwaymoving.com experts advise, there are only a couple of steps needed to make it stress-free. You want your future home to be filled with great memories, and a registry list with your dream items is the first step towards it. 

Most sets have patterns, such as geometric or floral ones, which are the most popular choices in wedding registries. If you don't feel like taking risks, you can choose something a bit more classic, like a white fine china set or a mix of white and gold. Most of them have some kind of relief, which adds personality to them subtly. You can even choose a non-traditional shape for the fine china, such as a square or one with a scalloped edge. These will never go out of style and can go well with almost any aesthetic. You can go bold and register for a colorful set that will be the centerpiece of your dining room. If you wish to combine bold colors and floral patterns, you will find a wide range of colorful sets decorated with various flora and fauna. You can choose a formal set or something a little bit more casual. Whichever you opt for, you will surely find something to go along with your personal aesthetic as a couple.

You can register for other things that will go along well with your fine china

Alt-text: you can choose fine china for your wedding registry like the gold and flower one shown here

Register for these items to go with your fine china

The perk of registering for your wedding gifts is that you can mix and match however you like. This is an excellent opportunity to find other items to go with your wedding china set. You can even register for additional pieces from the fine china set. One of the most popular choices as a registry item is glassware. You can find a glass set to go well with your fine china and yet be able to use it daily. Look for some cocktail or champagne glasses for those special occasions or a nice wine glass set. Flatware is a good choice to put on the registry as well. It can be found in sets of three, including a tablespoon, dinner fork, and knife, or a set of five, with the addition of a teaspoon and salad fork. Other than that, you might want to consider a teacup set with saucers to go along with it.

In summary

There are many factors to consider before you choose fine china for your wedding registry, like functionality, size, style, etc. So when deciding which fine china set to register for, keep the points mentioned above in mind to make the decision-making process easier. It might seem like there's too much to choose from, but the great thing about a large number of options is that you'll definitely find something to go with the style of you, your partner, and your home.