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August 17, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Planning a Romantic Couple’s Hunt


If you and your future spouse are active, outdoorsy types, you probably want to incorporate your favorite pastimes into your big day. Sure, you can plan your reception around a hunting theme, but what if you want to start a new tradition?


Serving what you catch on your first outing as part of your celebration may invite luck in love. After all, you're sharing a mutual passion and providing for each other as humans intended. Here are four tips for planning a romantic couple's hunt for your big day.


1. Put Safety First


Any outing that involves weapons requires a safety briefing first. Ensure all participants have adequate ear and eye protection. An improperly mounted scope can impair your accuracy and lead to a black eye — or worse.


Many states allow the youngest family members to participate in the hunt. Please be sure any youth or inexperienced gun owners know to treat every weapon as if it were loaded and keep the muzzle pointing away from themselves and others at all times. Furthermore, you might be celebrating — but avoid the alcohol until you safely store your weapons.


2. Decide on Your Game


What will you and your beloved hunt for before your big day? Why not select something that many are sure to want to eat? For example, many people enjoy venison chili.


Another benefit of choosing a nearby animal is the ease of finding your prey. In general, deer love to graze on fruit and nut trees — as you may have discovered if you have some on your property. You can even seek bedding areas the day before to make the hunt easier on any newbies.


3. Learn Dressing Procedures


Prepare to field-dress your catch. This process keeps any bacteria from the internal organs from contaminating your meat. It also removes some excess weight to make it easier to transport back to your vehicle.


4. Select a Processor in Advance


You need someone to process your catch, transforming it into the rich ground venison or other products you want to be made from your bounty. However, it isn't always easy to find a butcher at the drop of a hat.


Your best bet is to ask other hunters who they use instead of relying on an internet search. Be prepared for taxidermy services, too. After all, you want to preserve the memories of your big day hunt.


Plan a Couples Hunt for Your Big Day


Why not start an exciting new tradition on your big day? You can begin your married life together by celebrating your outdoor lifestyle on the hunt.


Follow the four tips above for planning a romantic couples hunt. You and your beloved can enjoy the thrill of the chase before saying, "I do."