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August 23, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: How to Safely Include Fireworks in Your Ceremony


Your big day is the ideal occasion to go all out on entertainment. If you dreamed of a fairy tale experience, why not light up the sky like the Fourth of July?


Your guests will love it and talk about your celebration for months, but you must take some precautionary measures. Here’s how to safely include fireworks in your ceremony.

1. Prepare the Area

Safety is paramount if you plan to include fireworks in your ceremony. You need to prepare an area per local regulations and ensure you have plenty of water nearby to extinguish any embers.


The best place for fireworks is a vast, open area with no intervening trees or flammable. Please don’t ever light fireworks inside your home or car — doing so is only asking for trouble and injury.


How much room you need depends on the size of your display. You should reference a list of the best fireworks, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and contact their customer service department if you remain unsure.

2. Alert Your Guests and Neighbors

Please understand that some guests have sensory issues that make fireworks displays nightmarish. For example, explosions may trigger people with PTSD, causing flashbacks of horrible events.


Many dogs and cats cower in terror at the noise and may bolt from their yards if their owners don’t know to bring them inside. You should notify all surrounding neighbors of your plans — including the time and date — so they can arrange to keep their fur family safe.

3. Obey All Fire Restrictions

You don’t want to imagine snafus on your big day. However, the show might not go on if local authorities determine an excess fire risk.


Please check your local ordinances before planning and be aware you may need to cancel the show if there’s an extreme wildfire threat. While it might be disappointing, choosing to postpone your display can help lower risks for local homes and the environment.

4. Keep an Eye on Children

Many kids adore fireworks. If you plan on including the youngest set in your ceremony, ensure they get to join in the fun without hurting themselves.


Sparklers are appropriate for supervised children over age seven. Kiddos of any age can enjoy throwing snappers if they don’t put them in their mouths.

Light Up the Night — But Keep Safety in Mind

Why not go all out on your big day? If you want a fairy tale celebration, light up the sky to announce your new union, but make sure no one gets hurt in the process.


Follow the four above tips to include fireworks in your ceremony safely. You’ll make your reception an occasion to remember.