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August 26, 2022 3 min read

7 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

Your bouquet and centerpieces are beautiful details from one of the best days of your life. While you can’t keep everything from the ceremony, there are plenty of creative ways to preserve your wedding flowers so you can treasure them for years to come.


Here are some fabulous ideas to incorporate into your toolbox before your big day so you can have a plan of action ready and waiting.

1. Jewelry Keepsake

You can turn your wedding flowers into a lovely piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time. Future generations of friends and family can adore a bracelet or necklace you can pass down, keeping your love alive for more than a lifetime.


Take some smaller flowers from your bouquet and seal them in resin to create earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets. Creating some for your bridesmaids may also be a great way to thank them for all their help on your big day. Jewelry keepsakes are fun to wear and show off, but you can also save them for your future anniversaries.

2. Pressed Flowers

Pressing your flowers is the most popular way to save your wedding bouquet since it’s relatively simple and isn’t a long process — flower petals take a week or two to flatten and dry. Start by getting some parchment paper and put your flowers on it.


Then, place them inside a big book and put something heavy on top. After you press the flowers, they will last for five to seven years. You can also press flowers in the microwave for a faster drying process.

3. Resin Paperweight

A resin-poured paperweight is a fun way to preserve your wedding flowers. You can display your new decoration in your home or at your office desk as a reminder of the happiest day of your life.


Paperweights are beautiful sentiments that would make an excellent gift for any newlywed. You could purchase resin paperweights or learn how to make them yourself. This statement piece could be your next favorite addition to your or your spouse’s workplace.

4. Silica Gel

Silica gel is a fantastic way to dry your wedding flowers with confidence. This fast-acting method preserves the color of your flowers and ensures they last. All you need is some silica gel, an airtight container, a paint brush and scissors.


After just a few days, your flowers will be ready to use in whatever way you like! Silica gel is the fastest way to dry your bouquet if you aren’t going to try the microwave method or dry them in the oven.


Although it takes a little more planning, the process only takes a few moments once you have your materials ready. Silica gel is the best way to preserve your flowers without the added worry of potentially damaging them.

5. Wall Art

Pressed wall art is a beautiful way to display your wedding bouquet. This could be a fun project to do after you’ve dried your flowers with silica gel or pressed them. You can paste them into a frame of your choice or get a shadow box to display them in.


If you’re not crafty, consider hiring someone to transform your bouquet into a stunning piece of art. Displaying your flowers in your home can make you smile whenever you look at them.

6. Flower Terrarium

Turning your gorgeous flowers into a terrarium is another creative way to preserve your wedding bouquet. Flower terrariums are beautiful as centerpieces, decorations or table accents in your home.


They only take a few moments to make. The materials you need to gather are a terrarium, scissors, a foam board, some moss or fake grass and your flowers. That’s it!

7. Hanging Bouquet

Hanging bouquets are the most straightforward technique to preserve your flowers. Simply take your bouquet, tie it up well and hang it upside down from the ceiling hook or rope. Your flowers will air dry over time and look beautiful hanging up in your home.


The flowers will likely get brittle to the touch from drying, but if you use them as decor, this is the fastest and easiest way to preserve them.

Create Keepsakes With Your Wedding Flowers

No matter how you dry or craft your bouquets, you’ll be happy you saved them. Having a piece of jewelry or wall art can be a long-lasting reminder of your big day. Use one — or a few — of these creative ways to preserve your wedding flowers so you can treasure them forever.