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September 07, 2022 4 min read

Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Sober Wedding Reception

Most people would say throwing any party without alcohol is practically impossible. However, this is not entirely true. What's more, although alcohol can raise the overall mood of your guests or make them feel more relaxed, there are also so many adverse effects it can provoke. So, if you, for any reason, would not like to have alcoholic drinks at your wedding, you don't have to worry. You can make it work, and, much more than that, it can be unique and fantastic! Look at our ultimate guide to throwing a sober wedding reception, and learn some tricks.

1. Let it start earlier than usual

Yes, it is true that most wedding parties start later in the day and end up late at night. But, it doesn't have to be the rule. Bring some changes to the world of celebrations. Start your party earlier.

Organizing a wedding reception in the late morning or early afternoon hours will leave more space for you to make it sober. People usually do not consume alcohol during those hours. Instead, they would probably seek some coffee or a cup of tea. However, as the day comes close to an end, guests may expect something to warm up the atmosphere.

What's more, if you are planning a wedding at sea, having a daytime ceremony will give you and your guests an excellent opportunity to enjoy all the beach's merits.

Beach weddings are always popular.

2. Plan it thoroughly- crucial when throwing a sober wedding reception

Any organization can run out of control if you do not plan it thoroughly. And, every detail needs to be carefully managed when it comes to sober celebrations. The lack of alcohol that boosts the mood and helps people socialize can make your party not entertaining, even dull. However, if you make a detailed plan of various activities that can occupy your guests, no one would even think about having alcohol. Just do not leave anything to the case. Take care of all your guests, and make sure they get appropriate entertainment.

If some of them have recently left Bright Futures Treatment Center FL, making the whole ceremony alcohol-free would be something they will be grateful for.

3. Choose the right place

Another very important thing to consider when throwing a sober wedding reception is the venue where it will take place. There are numerous options that do not allow alcohol. Gather your friends and family somewhere in nature. Recreational parks, lakes and beaches are all an excellent choice for wedding receptions. Consuming booze is prohibited in most of them. This gives you a great chance to make your celebration both unique and sober.

4. Be creative with drinks

If you thought that alcohol brings all the fun, you are wrong. You can be sober and still enjoy the event to its fullest because being sober is fun. All you need are some creative and effective ideas.

When it comes to the drink menu, you should give your best. Having a bartender will help a lot. You will be surprised by how many non-alcoholic drinks you can serve. from mocktails to alcohol-free spritzers, cocktails, and margaritas. Encourage your guests to try something new. What's more, the very presence of a bartender mixing up the drinks will already give that special tone to the whole event.

5. Put an accent on the food menu

You can always rely on food if you need something to distract your guest from drinking. Give them the best feast they have ever had. Be inventive both with tastes and the serving. You can fill the trays and plates with lobsters and other seafood delicacies. Don't forget its highness- the steak.

Pay some extra attention to desserts. Tasty and colorful cakes and cookies will make your guests forget about alcohol. The best possible thing you can offer is variety and high-quality food.

 Putting an accent on food is a great way of throwing a sober wedding reception.

6. The appropriate entertainment

Good entertainment is the key to organizing a successful sober wedding reception. Even though most of your guests would expect a usual party with a DJ playing some popular songs, surprise them and make something different! Get a stand-up comedy performance or find a good local band to play for you. Organize a dancing performance and make sure all your guests dance with you.

There are numerous wedding games that can be pretty interesting for your guests, as well. Don't forget the traditional ones such as darts, pool table or guessing games. You can't even imagine how much these games are still popular, even with the youngest generations.

Remember one thing, the more interactive your party is, the better atmosphere you will create.

7. Encourage people to meet

As we have already said, alcoholic drinks help people feel more encouraged to socialize and mingle with others. Consequently, with the absence of alcohol, it may create a somehow uncomfortable atmosphere where your guests will spend time only with the people they already know. So, if you have invited a new friend who comes alone and doesn't actually know anybody else at the party, chances are high he or she will feel excluded. Obviously, there must be a kind of medium that will help people meet one another more spontaneously. Here is what you can do:

  • If there will be no alcohol, you should play that part. Connect people with similar interests. Help them meet one another and make them feel more comfortable.
  • Ask your friends to bring their children to the wedding. They always brighten the atmosphere.
  • Organize a pet-friendly wedding and let those furry creatures do what they know best- make people happy.
  • And, last but not least, make people laugh. Laughing and good jokes connect people and bring a lot of fun.

Your guests need to feel comfortable.

Still thinking that throwing a sober wedding reception is a mission impossible? Alcohol may be a default part of every celebration. But, if you are smart enough and you change the focus, no one will even think about alcohol at your wedding!