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April 14, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: 4 Fun and Accessible Wedding Games

Your guests are looking forward to attending your wedding, but what will they do before and after your ceremony? There will be plenty of downtime you can fill by setting up some of these fun and accessible wedding games. Anyone can participate in between toasts and reception dances.

1. Hold a Giant Checkers Competition

Checkers is easy for people of all ages to learn as they play. Make the game even more fun by getting giant checkers chips and a large mat for the board. Brides can also make massive checkers pieces that match their wedding colors or feature their new initials.

2. Enjoy a Game of Pickleball

Anyone who knows how to play badminton can learn to play pickleball at your wedding. As long as your venue has 10 by 15 feet of space on either side of the net, your guests can use paddles to pass weighted wiffle balls back and forth. Kids could also play on a miniature court with smaller paddles.

3. Create an I Spy Challenge

Merge a fun and accessible wedding game with your guestbook by creating an I Spy challenge. All your guests need are disposable cameras and a list of required pictures, like:

  •  A group selfie
  • A picture of everyone dancing
  • A photo of themselves playing a wedding game

 They can put their cameras or Polaroid photos in a basket by the exit on their way out. You’ll get tons of candid shots to keep in your wedding album that capture your guests’ unique outfits, smiles and memories.

4. Host a Cornhole Tournament 

Cornhole is another popular game anyone can play. Set up at least two boards and bean bags with different colors for the two teams. Everyone can follow the official scoring rules if you write them on a poster by the tournament area.

 Have fun personalizing the boards and bags with wedding details to personalize the moment. You could bring them home afterward to always have a wedding memento at your summer cookouts or fall house parties.

Pick Fun and Accessible Wedding Games

No one should feel left out of activities before and after your ceremony. Choose from these fun and accessible wedding games to include people of all ages and abilities. Whether they play pickleball or take competitive pictures, your guests will love every moment of your big day!