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April 19, 2022 2 min read

Has rising inflation caused you to rethink your honeymoon budget? You want a trip to remember, but you need to pinch pennies. Fortunately, you can still enjoy a romantic getaway by getting savvy.

Here are five tips for saving money on trave:

1. Drive

Unless you plan on traveling from New York to California for your honeymoon, driving will save you money over flying. Doing so saves more than the plane ticket expense. You do not have to pay for airport parking or rent a vehicle.

Save even more when you reach your destination by skipping the hotel. Why not rent a converted van that includes your lodging in your vehicle? Other options include staying with friends or family or booking an Airbnb or VRBO. Many folks need extra cash in the pandemic’s wake, and you might find people renting spare rooms on the cheap.

2. Work Your Rewards

This trip is your honeymoon — you might want a few bells and whistles a la a fancy hotel or spa stay. If so, do you get points? Check with your credit card companies. Those with attached travel rewards could get you a free night at some of America’s premier lodging locations.

3. Pack Light

Of course, it is a bit tricky to honeymoon in Hawaii minus a flight plan. Be sure to pack light. You will avoid checked baggage fees by taking only a carry-on and rest assured that your belongings will reach your destination at the same time you do. You will not have to worry about lost luggage leaving you with nothing but a single outfit for a two-week holiday.

4. BYOB — and Snacks

When inflation causes food prices to rise, restaurants likewise adjust their charges. You can spend a small fortune dining out. It’s OK to enjoy one or two nice romantic dinners, but you’ll want to pack plenty of healthy snacks for the rest of your journey to save big bucks.

Pick up your alcohol at the store instead of relying on the hotel minibar or going out for drinks every night. A single fancy cocktail can cost more than a whole bottle of wine, and you could enjoy sharing the latter with your sweetie in intimate comfort.

5. Time It Right

Timing matters. If possible, travel during the off-season. You’ll save cash as hotels reduce rates to fill rooms while avoiding big crowds at popular hotspots.

If flying, choose your departure days wisely. Fridays and Sundays have the steepest ticket prices — you’re better off booking Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday flights.

Tips for Saving Money on Travel

You want a memorable honeymoon, but you might also feel inflation’s pinch on your wallet. Follow the above tips for saving money on travel. You’ll enjoy your getaway and start your married life free from excess financial stress.