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April 06, 2022 2 min read

Getting married on the open sea is a special kind of romantic! That said, you have more to keep in mind than the average bride if you’re planning a nautical affair.

Here’s what you need to know about planning a ceremony at sea.

1. Safety First

Ensure you check the rules where you live. For example, you must have a Coast Guard-approved life jacket that you’ve tested for buoyancy within the past year for everyone on board.

Do you have to wear that bright orange thing? You don’t have to mess up the look of your gown. However, parents may wish to set a positive example for children under 13 who are required to wear them by donning their personal floatation devices. Most kids won’t complain if they see other folks doing the same.

2. Prevent Seasickness

Your ceremony won’t be much fun if guests spend their time sick. Enclose instructions in your invitations for preventing seasickness to ensure maximum enjoyment.

For example, advise guests to get a good night’s sleep the evening before and take an antiemetic if they tend to get nauseous. Avoiding triggers like spicy foods and alcohol at the reception is also a wise idea for folks with sensitive tummies.

3. Be Food Safe

Getting married at sea doesn’t guarantee that the clam chowder you serve as the appetizer course won’t get people sick. Remember food safety rules instead of relying on your caterer to keep things germ-free.

For example, you may wish to bring extra serving utensils complete with drip trays to prevent cross-contamination during buffet-style dinners. Letting guests with food sensitivities fill their plates first also helps prevent the wrong person from ending up with gluten or a bit of peanut on their plate.

4. Remember, DUI Rules Apply

Please don’t think, “I’m on the water — therefore, the rules don’t apply,” when drinking. Many folks overindulge at weddings, but you can still get a DUI on a boat and face steep fines or even prison time.

If you plan to indulge — it is your big day, after all — hire a skipper. They can transport you and your guests safely to and from shore while you kick back, relax and enjoy being the star of the show.

Planning a Wedding on the Water

Ocean weddings offer incredible romance and picture-taking opportunities. However, they do create more planning woes.

Heed the steps above when planning a ceremony at sea. A little forethought will allow you to enjoy the “I do” of your dreams!