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April 22, 2022 3 min read

Fun Cocktails to Serve at Your Reception

Beverages are an essential part of any wedding menu. Everyone should have something to drink that dazzles their tastebuds, especially when they walk up to your bar.

These are some fun cocktails to serve at your reception that any bartender can make for your loved ones.

1. Fresh Blackberry Margarita

There’s something extra delightful about a fruity twist in a margarita. Your guests will love their tangy tequila combined with fresh blackberries while waiting during your cocktail hour. Serve this cocktail in chilled glasses to complement your seasonal wedding. It can also function as a dessert cocktail if there’s an extra sweet simple syrup in the mix.

2. Apple Brandy Honeymoon Cocktail

Why wait until after your wedding to start your honeymoon? Celebrate early with an apple brandy honeymoon cocktail. It combines your preferred apple brandy with Benedictine and orange liquor, plus a splash of lemon for an extra layer of flavor. Autumn brides will love having this drink at their reception, especially if it happens at an outdoor venue under the changing fall leaves.

3. Maple Bourbon Sour

Most people have tried a whiskey sour, so your guests will love the new take when served maple bourbon sours. Just two ingredients will treat them to a modern delight that they’ll still want to reminisce about during your first wedding anniversary. You could even transform it into a new drink that you recreate every year to remember how you celebrated your newly said vows.

4. Kahlúa Midnight Coffee Cocktail

If you can’t live without your portable espresso machine and three cups of coffee per day, you should include the kahlúa midnight coffee cocktail on your wedding menu. Your guests will love the swirling sweetness and an extra burst of energy before heading back to the dance floor. Just ensure that this option is clearly the only caffeinated drink on your menu, in case some guests would prefer not to drink it so late in the evening.

5. Whiskey Mint Lemonade

Everyone appreciates a refreshing sip of something that cleanses their palates after dinner. The extra mint in your whiskey lemonades will do just that for any guest who prefers the classic flavor notes in whiskey to beer or wine. It’s an excellent menu option for warm spring or summer weddings too since your bartender will serve it chilled with plenty of ice.

6. Bourbon Sweet Tea Cocktail

It’s always wise to serve a crowd-pleasing drink like sweet tea for guests who don’t drink alcohol, but you can stretch that tea further by adding bourbon to those who request a hard beverage. The yeasty undertones merge with the sugary tea to create the ultimate treat for your guests.

7. Blueberry Moscow Mule

Moscow mules are commonly found at bars because so many people enjoy them. You may prefer them as well, but who wants a standard cocktail on the best day of their lives?

Dress up your next Moscow mule by adding blueberries to the mix. When muddled, they create a fun purple color that adds a festive atmosphere to your reception along with a seasonal spring sweetness. Keep your copper serving mugs cool so the flavor is extra sharp when your guests need something tangy and delicious.

8. Peach Prosecco Bellini

People love to say cheers on happy occasions with bellinis. You can add a peach prosecco bellini to your reception menu and use it for your toasts. It’s also an excellent drink to have a second time during your post-wedding brunch since the prosecco is light enough for a late-morning treat before your guests head home.

Create Fun Reception Cocktails

Now that you’ve found a few fun cocktails to serve at your reception, consider what you’d enjoy drinking the most. A touch of something fruity, sweet or tangy could make your day even more incredible for everyone who’s there to celebrate you.