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April 26, 2022 3 min read

7 Points to Check Before a Honeymoon Road Trip!

Many couples don’t care for traditional honeymoon trips on a beach or in the mountains. If you and your partner want a bigger adventure, think about hitting the road!

These are the most essential points to check before a honeymoon road trip so everything goes smoothly.

1. Consider Your Budget

It is easy to overspend when you are away from home. Snack stops, restaurants and entertainment could lead to debt when your trip ends. Prevent that by formulating a road trip budget that stays within your means.

Individually budgeting for each part of your honeymoon will give you a quick place to reflect when you’re unsure about having enough money for specific purchases.

2. List Your Preferred Activities

You will spend plenty of time in your car between stops, but you’ll both need something fun to do in between stretches on the highway. Make lists of your favorite vacation activities and merge them to create the perfect trip. You will both get to do things you are interested in so no one feels left out or unprioritized.

3. Inspect Your Car

Your car should be in peak condition when it is time to leave for your honeymoon. Take it to a professional for a thorough inspection and you will catch potential problems that could ruin your trip.

An expert will know if those unusual noises indicate a broken suspension system or if your tires need replacing. It’s an upfront investment that will keep you and your partner safe while having fun after your wedding.

4. Reflect on Your Bucket List 

What are the most exciting things on your bucket list? What about your partner’s list? Compare them to see if you can check a few of those activities off during your honeymoon.

Depending on your destination, you could plan popular bucket list ideas like snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef or watching the northern lights. You might also daydream about going off-roading in your latest car.

A few minutes spent planning will make anything possible, especially with a few preventative measures when necessary. Ensuring your safety with steps like installing skid plates to protect your car’s undercarriage on off-road paths could make anything possible. Talk about your travel dreams and see how you can make them happen during your upcoming trip!

5. Think About Food Preferences

Many road trippers find places to eat whenever they get hungry, but what happens when you’re in a remote location or away from restaurants that align with your dietary preferences? You wouldn’t want to skip a meal because there are no nearby options that work with your allergies.

After picking your favorite destinations along your road trip route, search the surrounding area for restaurants, fast food chains or convenience stores. You should always be within reach of your preferred snacks or protein-packed meals to prevent hangry stomachs from souring your happy newlywed mood.

6. Strategize Your Suitcase

Even if you decide to rent a large car for your road trip, you’ll have limited trunk space. Strategize what you pack by using a travel-tested guide that includes everything you could need. You’ll remember to include things like the paperwork you’ll need if you get a flat tire, UV window shades and coffee pods for your hotel room. No one will waste space with unnecessary extra belongings you won’t even use.

7. Look for Local Event Calendars

Another benefit to planning your destinations ahead of time is researching each town’s local event calendar. You’ll find scheduled activities that average tourists miss, like seasonal festivals or one-night events. Don’t forget to browse the town’s social media pages too. You and your partner will love the exclusive events and avoid feeling like you’re stuck with tourist activities.

Enjoy Your Honeymoon Road Trip

Your wedding will be a dream come true, but your honeymoon should be too. Remember these points to check before a honeymoon road trip so you can focus on having fun once you’re on the road. You’ll pack everything you need, use your time wisely and prepare for your trip without adding more stress to your life while wedding planning.