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May 16, 2019 3 min read

Planning your wedding can be a very lengthy and time-consuming process.

It takes months, even years to secure a venue, book vendors and save enough money to cover all of the other costly expenses that come with putting a wedding together. As the big day approaches, it’s likely you’ll have a lot on your plate and the stress of preparations can be daunting. You’ll probably feel like you’re forgetting something, and wonder if everything will go according to plan. But don’t fret, here are some last minute wedding checklist items that will give you peace of mind as you walk down the aisle.
Register for Gifts
Wedding Checklist
Picking the right place to register your wedding can be difficult. Remember to do your research along with your future spouse beforehand to find the perfect retailer. Also, let guests know either via email, or on the wedding invitations. Many places have registry services online, making the process super simple. Wherever you choose, make sure to list items that aren’t frivolous, but will be frequently used and reused. Be sure to include a wide price-range of items to accommodate those on a budget.
Hire a Wedding Planner
If you are feeling overwhelmed, and if your budget allows, consider that can handle all of the tedious details. Many couples dismiss the idea of a wedding planner early on, because they believe it will keep them from making important decisions regarding their nuptials. When in fact, a wedding planner is only an adviser, and works with couples to make sure they are happy and the entire event goes on without a hitch. Don’t be afraid to contact multiple wedding planners to compare prices, and meet with them to see if your design ideas match well together.
Don’t Forget Self Care
Wedding Checklist
With all of the chaos that comes with planning a wedding, many women (men too!) can forget to take care of their own mental and physical health. Don’t be alarmed if you experience stress eating, losing sleep, and breaking out or developing blemishes from the anxiety and pressure that comes from the days leading up to the wedding. Taking the proper steps to alleviate this stress is extremely important, and can make the biggest difference on your wedding day. Whether it be seeing a therapist to discuss your anxieties, taking a spa day, or ordering a that targets your specific concerns before walking down the aisle, a little self-care will go a long way.
Floral Arrangements
Although this can be a very costly expense in a wedding budget, making sure floral arrangements have been set to arrive on time is essential to a successful wedding. It doesn’t hurt to double or even triple-check with a florist regarding the arrangements you selected, as well as confirming the time and date of the ceremony. Make sure that your matches the of the wedding, and pairs well with the color tones selected for the bridal party and reception decor.
Remember to Enjoy Yourself
Wedding Checklist
Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy every moment of your big day! No matter what happens, know that you and your spouse will be with one another. Despite any hiccups or last-second changes, your wedding day will always be the most memorable day of your life and all eyes will be on the happy couple. There’s no greater feeling than saying ‘I do’ to the one you love