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May 09, 2019 4 min read

Whether you work from home or have a small home office for other reasons, your work space matters a lot. Unfortunately, it is also probably the most neglected area of the house.

We think that because we work in a room, it doesn’t have to look stylish or appealing. When, in fact, that is the biggest reason why it should feel welcoming. Everyone should have a separate space in their home, where they can retreat to get away from the hustle bustle of the house. A space like that helps you get your work done, whether it is your preparation for an exam or presentation. However, you cannot keep working at a place that looks boring and dull. It will suck the energy out of the room, and you need some motivation and positivity to complete your work. Whether you spend your day crunching numbers, read books, or do some other creative tasks, your workspace should be able to inspire you! We are here to help you redecorate your home office, and make it look lively and interesting. The more attractive your home office will be, the more you will want to sit there and work.
  1. Get Creative
home office decor
How do you hope to get creative when your workspace itself is so boring? Do you know what will give off positive energy? Vibrant colors! Bring in colorful art that generates creativity. If you can, make your art. You can your artwork and hang it on the walls. When you will feel tired, and look around, you will find your work staring back at you. Create some DIY accessories and decorate the space with them. Bonus Tip: Got any spare, beautiful piece of fabric or contact paper? Get it framed and you have the requisite pop of color in your office space. Another fun idea is creating a magnetic Scrabble board for the times when you want to rest and play a game to fresh up your mind.
  1. Find the Perfect Rug
home office decor
Yes, a rug is as essential for your home office as anything else. It will provide visual interest and absorb any unnecessary sound. Your rug should preferably be of vibrant colors. Keep your furniture clean and minimal, and use the rug to add the texture your office needs. An will also prove to be very eye-catching!
  1. Bring in Your Personality
home office decor
The best way to feel motivated is by surrounding yourself with things that speak to you. The more familiar your office is, the more comfortable you will feel in it. What are your hobbies and passions? Who are the people that you look up to? Normally, when you go into a teenager’s room, you will find it filled with the posters of their favorite bands, celebrities, influencers etc. You have to do the same by filling the room with things that inspire YOU. It is not difficult to get customized posters made. Get your favorite quotes printed on posters, or even small pieces of papers, and paste them on the wall. Your work office should radiate your personality because you are the one who will have to stay in it for hours.
  1. Add Some Green
home office decor
Breathe life into your space with indoor plants. They will add the green to your home office and will keep the air fresh, literally. Plants have a way of making you feel calm and clean. What is a better accessory than that?! With plants, you have several choices. You are going to have to pick plants that grow well in moderate light. If you are looking for creepers, Algerian & English are the best options. If you want large leaves, the snake plant is a great option. A rather docile plant is the Philodendron, it doesn’t grow tall and it has soft leaves.
  1. Find the Right Balance
home office decor
Your home office should be welcoming, but not too cozy. You don't want to end up napping in it all day. You have to find that perfect balance! You can use neutral colors on your walls and floor. Add plants to keep the vibe of the room breezy and fresh. Blankets, throw pillows, and a yarn wall hanging will help to create a simple but cozy workspace.
  1. Invest in A Standing Desk
When we think about working from home, a cozy picture comes up in mind, ‘curled up on an oversized chair with your laptop and a large pizza.’ While this picture is attractive, it only translates into decreased efficiency and fat accumulation. I suggest that you invest in a standing desk once and for all. Most of the standing desks in the office have an adjustable height, and you can either decrease their height to sit on a chair and work. And if you are working while standing, it will help you stay active and it might help with shedding a few pounds.
  1. Let the Light In
Finally, do not sit and work in a dark room because no one likes a gloomy space. That will not only make you sleepy but also uninterested, not to mention, it will cause eye fatigue. Your working area should be bright so that you can see everything. Light also keeps you active and moving. The best kind of light is natural light. It makes any space look bigger (especially if you have a small working area). Get some lively-looking curtains or blinds so you can cover the windows up when you want to. Fogged window film on your windows is also a good idea as it provides insulation. You will also have enough light to feed the plants in the room. With these home office ideas, we are sure that you will want to work in your home office all day! Good Luck!