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May 02, 2019 2 min read

While some can’t wait to get their gardening gloves on at the first hint of spring, others prefer the climate-controlled, allergy-free spaces of indoors. Just because you are more of a wallflower than a wild rose doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of nature from within the confines of your castle.

Many flowers thrive in a vase and can brighten up your home even on the stormiest spring days. Here are six vase-worthy flowers for a spring home makeover.
1. Tulips
Vase-Worthy Flowers
There is no flower that more emblematic of spring than the tulip. Cheerful, elegant, and available in a wild array of colors, your home can never have enough of this flower. It’s also one of the best-suited flowers for bud vases. Showcase a graceful single stem in a , or you can cluster a handful together for bold impact in a .
2. Stargazer Lilies
Vase-Worthy Flowers
These exotic beauties flood a room with their heady fragrance and the immediate sense of timeless, classic style. Stargazer lilies can last almost two weeks in a vase, and stems should be selected that offer a large number of unopened blooms, which will open over a number of days. The orange pollen that falls from their anthers can stain linens, so a good trick is to immediately trim them as they open or display your vase on top of a tray to protect the surface below.
3. Ranunculuses
Vase-Worthy Flowers
These vase-worthy blooms come in a variety of hues, will continue to bloom after a cut, and can serve you some loveliness for up to a week in a vase. A handful of ranunculuses in will form a sculptural fountain-shaped form where they spill out the top. Just make sure you don’t crowd the blooms too much – they will need a little space as they continue to unfurl.
4. Spray Roses
Vase-Worthy Flowers
Always a winner, roses come in many colors and once cut can provide a splash of life for up to two weeks. Single stems add elegant embellishment to counter tops and small rooms, and a large, square vase filled with stems to display blooms in a mound makes a bold visual statement.
5. Hydrangeas
Vase-Worthy Flowers
Hydrangeas provide a rare and soothing calm tone, from powder-blue to pale indigo, and can last up to a week if . Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle and submerge in water immediately. For slightly wilted blooms, place the cut ends into boiling water for less than 20 seconds, followed by cold water and see them perk up instantly. If you change the water every couple of days and keep your vase out of direct sunlight, you can make the most of your baby-blue blooms.
6. Forsythia
Vase-Worthy Flowers
Few floral stems offer a more flamboyant shade of yellow to brighten up any home. These stems will take center stage and should be that can show them off. If kept in a cool room, forsythia blooms should give you up to two weeks of sunshine in a vase. No matter what your aesthetic, there is a spring bloom out there that will make over your home with its vibrant color and distinctive style.