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April 25, 2019 3 min read

Announcing your engagement is an exciting moment in your life, but if you’ve already started sharing the news, you probably know how popular of a response “when is the wedding?” can be.

Unless you have supernatural foreshadowing abilities, you probably haven’t worked that out yet. But that’s okay! The wedding planning process is a long one, so there’s certainly no need to rush it and risk forgetting . That said, your wedding date is usually one of the first decisions you make as a part of that process. When it comes time to decide, make sure you choose a time and season that works best for you. Now, the word “best” means different things for different people, but what are some of the reasons people consider one season better than another?
Best Season to Get Married
You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: wedding season. But anyways? Typically, wedding season is thought of as the time between late spring and early fall, with most weddings occurring in June and September. This time period probably became as popular as it is today because of how ideal weather conditions are in most areas of the U.S. With excellent sunlight, warm temperatures, and flowers in full bloom, it’s easy to see why most couples would want to line up their big day with wedding season. But doing so could come at a cost.
Best Season to Get Married
When everyone under the sun (pun intended) wants to schedule their big day around a similar timeframe, it causes venue costs to spike. That’s why you see so much variation when researching how much couples spend on venue costs. Most couples spend between for their venue; however, some might spend over $20,000. You can do your best to look into cheaper venues or quickly add to your , but it might be worth your while to consider a more affordable season. When might that be you ask? Great question! Typically, any period outside of wedding season (or whenever venues are most in demand in your area) will be the cheapest, and therefore the best option for your budget.
Best Season to Get Married
What could be better than celebrating your big day with your significant other? Getting to enjoy it with everyone you invited, of course! It’s true that your guests want to make it to your big day, but sometimes things come up that make them . While it might sound like a festive idea to schedule your wedding on July 4th, or a budget-friendly idea to schedule your wedding on a weekday, it’s probably unlikely that everyone on your guest list will be available. So, if your priority is to celebrate with as many of your friends and family as possible, try to aim for a date that you think will work for most. It might even be worth asking around, although you have the final say. When it comes to choosing the best season to get married for you, there are so many things to consider. What you ultimately have to decide is what your biggest priority is. In doing so, you’ll choose the time that’s best for you!
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