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April 19, 2019 2 min read

With summer just around the corner, you want to make more use of your backyard. Even with the longer days, some evenings in the backyard extend beyond daylight hours.

Beautiful backyard lighting is essential to created ambiance! With these ideas you can light up your effortlessly for all your summer nights!
Metal Lanterns
backyard lighting
Lanterns are perfect accents to porches and steps! With , you have some versatility in what kind of lighting you would like to use in your lanterns. String lights, pillar candles, LED candles or even votive candles are perfect to use in lanterns a variety of sizes. Metal lanterns can get hot with candles in them, so be sure to use caution if you have them in spaces where someone could knock into them.
Pillar Candles
backyard lighting
Pillar candles are always a great solution to any lighting needs. With your backyard you can really get creative with your pillar candles. Place a and a cylinder vase in a fire pit for a modern twist on lighting. This creates a unique look for your fire pit without the hassle of building a fire. Just be sure to use a cylinder vase to avoid any potential waxy mess with your candles.
Shepherd Hooks
backyard lighting
are an essential to lighting up walkways for events. So, why not also have them in your backyard? You can hang candle holders with tealights, or led candles to light your walkways if you have a bigger backyard, or a walkway that wraps around your home.
Paper Lanterns
backyard lighting
are essential party items, but who said you could only have them at parties? Hang paper lanterns from trees to create color. You can fill paper lanterns with paper lantern lights, hang them from string lights or fill with a hanging holder & LED tealight. Paper lanterns add not only backyard lighting, but a colorful twist on your decor.
String Lights
backyard lighting
String lights are an easy way to add backyard lighting! Wrap them around your railing, string it from tree branches, fill lantern, the possibilities are endless. With all sort of different styles you can also cater the to where you're placing them. Use wired string lights to fill lanterns and globe lights to string from tree branches above your porch! Summer nights are meant to be spent in a beautiful outdoor space. With these backyard lighting ideas you can create the perfect cozy space for your friends and family this summer!