by Megan Wenzl April 11, 2019 3 min read

Minimalism is fast becoming a major wedding trend. And why not? With its emphasis on clean lines, unique textures and unexpected decorative items that deliver a distinct aesthetic, minimalism enhances the mood of the occasion. Having minimalist wedding details elevates your big day with a simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Here are some great decoration ideas that prove less is indeed more.
Worth the white
Minimalist Wedding
Ashley Rae Photography | Glamour and Woods | The Wild Flower Clarity is a virtue of minimalism. This means eliminating unnecessary details and distracting color palettes. For the ultimate minimalist wedding, an all-white theme can serve as the perfect backdrop for the decoration to truly stand out. Think of polished wooden tables with a gauzy white table runner and delicate organics. For a more traditional look, create nuance by using textured fabrics or linens with a plethora of sequins. The latter adds a reflective shine for a more sophisticated that will work with any color or type of tableware. With the table as clear as possible, opt for gold flatware against pristine white china. Then add a little olive branch for a breathtaking, understated effect.
Bold as black
minimalist wedding
Gatherings Floral Design | Skylar Arden Events | BLK Chai Photography If an all-white affair intimidates you, using simple accents of black and neutrals make a bold statement in their simplicity. Pairing black metal dining chairs with a wooden table provides an understated combination of urban and rustic. The wood’s distinct grain and texture is expressive and full of character, while the cool, black chairs give a warm, industrial but clean look. Keep the décor simple with taupe or muted gray earth toned-linens to add polish to the table. According to , long-stemmed roses with large single blooms in make for a stunningly dramatic centerpiece for your minimalist wedding.
Patterns and shapes
minimalist wedding
Kearsten Taylor Photography | Tiffany Von Photography | Mollie Marrocco Events | The Newport Bride | Bloom Floral Designs | Ryan Designs Because minimalist weddings do more with less, it’s important to go for décor that can create a mood on its own. Instead of going for curves, hearts, or florals, a geometric-themed wedding is guaranteed to give your big day a contemporary vibe. Forget the pastels and instead, incorporate geometric shapes in cool colors like silver, copper, and gold. Geometric items – from dinnerware to , and – make for an eye-catching centerpiece that can turn any room instantly chic. If you’re not too keen on sculptures, you can still incorporate a contemporary look by using linens with graphic designs and linear patterns. Don’t forget to keep floral arrangements minimal by adding single blooms, green ferns, moss or even succulents in copper terrariums for low, geometric centerpieces.
Be personal
Minimalist Wedding
Gatherings Floral Design | Skylar Arden Events | BLK Chai Photography Even if you’re on a budget, a romantic, minimalist wedding is never out of reach. Since minimalism is all about the intentional, personalized or DIY wedding decorations allow for creativity to flourish, and also lend an authenticity to your big day. It also means every design choice has a purpose. Hand-lettered menu boards or place cards in elegant calligraphy are classic solutions which add charm to any table. Hand-crafted gifts similarly make for a memorable keepsake: eco-friendly coasters, burlap favor bags, or mason jar beverages. For the table place setting, tie cutlery and napkins using twigs or twine, or add floral arrangements in unassuming glass bottles for a shabby chic aesthetic.
Go natural
minimalist wedding
The Greatest Adventure | Jason lucas | Rusted Vase Floral Co. | Cort Party Rentals When going for a minimalist look, it’s great to incorporate the wedding venue architecture or landscape. So use natural elements whenever possible – crawling vines against white, tiled-walls as your sole wedding backdrop, or weathered wood as plate chargers. For a charming, minimalist wedding, use wire basket for cards and gifts. Celebrating the big day outdoors? Keep wooden chairs simple and unadorned to reflect the pristine environment. A minimalist wedding doesn’t always have to be white or neutral. You can drape wooden tables in bright, umber linen and use clay pots with seasonal blooms for a disarmingly simple wedding that blend with the bucolic surroundings. Remember, great minimalist weddings put the spotlight where it should be: the couple getting married. This is made possible by going for decorations that reflect your personality, and which allows that natural beauty and light of the wedding venue to really shine through. While minimalist weddings often revolve around clean lines and neutral colors, going for colored accents and matching different decorative elements still work perfectly when used sparingly and creatively.