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April 05, 2019 3 min read

More homeowners want to spend as much time as possible in their backyard. We're talking about the patio, porch or anywhere else that's somewhat private from neighbors. There are plenty of additions that you can make yourself to beautify the area and make it inviting. Here are nine décor tips to create a dreamy outdoor living space this year.

Bring on The Comfort
Create A Dreamy Outdoor Living Space
Dreamy outdoor living spaces must include comfortable furniture. Cushioned seating is best for curling up and enjoying a night under the stars. Consider repurposing a metal bench by making some cushions for it using outdoor fabric. are another easy way to incorporate relaxing areas and encourage guests to kick their feet up and swing in the breeze. You can build a hammock by using some outdoor fabric, rope and two sturdy trees in the yard.
Add Plush Pillows
Outdoor furniture would not be complete without the comfort of plush pillows. Grab a few pillows from your living room to add to your outdoor living space. Outdoor fabric is also a good option when sewing your own pillows as well.
Make Moss Planters
Create A Dreamy Outdoor Living Space
There is something about that screams English garden. Moss takes time to develop and can add the feeling of time to an outdoor space. to help create a new look. The moss will create the aesthetic of a secret garden, a mystical extension of your lawn and any florals you already have.
Keep the Lawn Lush and Green
These decorating tips won’t do much good if your lawn is wilting or covered with brown patches. Choose the right . If you live in the humid south, St. Augustine and Zoysia grass will grow nicely. Bermudagrass is best for arid regions since it’s drought resistant. Maintain the lawn by aerating in the fall and fertilizing in the spring.
Hang Sheer Fabric
Create A Dreamy Outdoor Living Space
Hanging sheer curtains around the patio had many advantages. The sheer fabric will filter the light and create a dreamy overall look. also dries quickly if it becomes wet. Add in a gentle breeze, and you’ll have the makings of a romantic dream as the fabric billows in the sunlight.
Plant A Terrarium
We love the clean lines of this enclosed in glass. Add a base like sand or pebbles along with small potted plants for an upscale look. Terrariums are great on a dining or side table and can be easily changed for the season.
Create A Dreamy Outdoor Living Space
Use an Outdoor Rug
Pull together a dreamy outdoor living space by placing an outdoor rug underneath furniture. This will help create a cozy feeling and will keep toes warm even on the coldest of nights. Outdoor rugs come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics.
Add String Lights
A set of string lights along a fence line can help outline your outdoor living space. We love the look of string lights.. but not necessarily the look of extension cords. This allows you to place these beautiful lights anywhere without the need for an outlet. Hang them along a stairway or even wrap them around a sturdy plant to create a magical look.
Grow Vertical
Vertical gardens are an outdoor trend as well as a great way to garden in a smaller space. Even if your outdoor living space is tiny, you can still grow a large amount of produce using a vertical garden. Just grab some recycled pots or containers and attach them to an outdoor wall that receives full sunlight. You can also create a base that will hold the containers. Add in vines or draping plants to create an ultra-romantic look. There are many ways to create a romantic and useful outdoor space. Creating an inviting atmosphere is key to spending more time in nature. Consider these nine DIY décor tips to create a dreamy outdoor living space.
Rose Weber is a garden care extraordinaire and home decorator. She has been gardening since she was a child in and loves to spend her weekends teaching her grandchildren all about growing a vegetable patch. You can find her sharing her crops and her decorating ideas with her friends and neighbors.