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May 23, 2019 3 min read

A big part of entertaining guests at home is having the perfect bar set up. You want to have a variety of options for all your guests, but you also want to have it look cute and fun without spending a fortune.

Creating your at home doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, we have a few tips on how to create something perfect for entertaining, or just slow sipping on your porch.
Buy Gradually
Creating Your At Home Bar
You don't have to go out and buy all your supplies in one run. A gradual rule would be to buy one or two items every grocery store run. This way you are stocking your bar up, without having to pay all the expenses at once. This may take you awhile to create your perfect home bar, but it can be well worth the wait if you're taking the time to pick out specific decor, supplies and glasses.
Buy Bulk
Creating Your At Home Bar
While this sounds like the opposite of buying gradually, there can be some good in buying in bulk. Often times stores will give you a discount on wine if you buy a certain number of bottles. Since wine is perfect for all kinds of entertaining at home, you can pick up a variety of wines in one trip at a discount. Typically it's good to have a staple of at least one red wine and one white wine on hand. You can even throw in a rose or two for good measure, but you don't have to.
Stock staples
Creating Your At Home Bar
Keeping staples such as olives, canned pineapple juice, seltzer water and other pantry bar items are things you can easily keep on hand in case of impromptu evenings or weekends where you may have guests. Some items like bloody mary mix, orange juice and limes don't keep as long, but if you love entertaining at home these are also good to keep on hand for weekends with friends.
The perfect setting
Creating Your At Home Bar
Having a collection of bottles on a shelf can seem very college, and you can definitely make it look nicer. Having a bar cart or wine rack can be a cute way to store your at home bar without having it in the way in your kitchen. If you have a wet bar in your home, or a dedicated bar set up, you can decorate it with cute , and unique to give it a flair of your own.
Keeping the aesthetic
Creating Your At Home Bar
Decorating your bar not only looks good, but can be functional. Keeping a supply of cute bar , or a galvanized filled with ice and beer is not only cute, but is functional! Using your garnishes, like limes and lemons adds to the bar and keeps it from just being bottles on a shelf. Having a functional set up also allows your guests to serve themselves and can take the pressure off you being the bartender all evening.
Become a mixologist
Creating Your At Home Bar
You don't have to be a full professional to have a full , but keeping a few essentials, like a shaker and muddler can be useful. Knowing basic cocktails, or being able to create your own, can be a way to impress guests and get great use out of your at home bar. If you're clueless about cocktails there are plenty of books and websites that can help you out. Of course, you can always stick with a beer and wine home bar if that's more your speed. Having friends and family come over for a dinner party, weekend visit or just a drop by is one of the many ways you can spend time with the people you love. Creating your at home bar can help you be a great host, and give your home a little something extra to make it the place to be on the weekends!