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May 31, 2019 4 min read

Every couple wants to have an unforgettable wedding. After all, the big day isn’t just a celebration of love, but also a coming together of family and friends.

The wedding is one of the best ways to create a meaningful and memorable affair, one that couples and guests would recall over the years. Here are 20 décor ideas for a wedding to remember.
Drunk in love
Décor Ideas for a Wedding to Remember
Angela Newton Roy Photography, a winery wedding is a surefire way of becoming the talk of the town. Juxtaposing rustic wood aging casks with industrial barrels is splendid idea with the rich brown tones sensational against sheer ceiling swags and pastel tones.
Dazzle with patterns
Forget the white, the neutrals, and the pastels. Use fabrics in bold colors and vibrant patterns to instantly elevate your big day into a wedding to remember. Table linens in geometric prints make for an eye-catching décor that guests would want to emulate in their own events.
Succulents over flowers
Memorable ideas are often the most unexpected. Surprise guests by opting for as your table centerpiece. From Christmas cactus to hens-and-chicks, these plants are not only a trendy choice but also a practical one since they can also double as favors for your guests.
Quirky and rustic
Weddings to remember involve a touch of quirk. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, place flowers in old milk jugs, or fill well-used western boots, according to . Not only are they quirkily rustic, they also make a charming, Pinterest-worthy share.
Make use of contrast
Instead of plush seating or an over-layered table décor, mix and match a wooden table with metal chairs. The urban-rustic contrast between industrial chic of the seats, and the grain of the wood create an understated aesthetic that capture simplicity as the height of sophistication.
Play with pink
Décor Ideas for a Wedding to Remember
Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event that pink is one of the most memorable colors. Perhaps that’s why some of the best weddings are those with the pastel’s unashamedly feminine touch. Sheer overlays with pink tones, with muted colors for your floral arrangements are just some ways you can deliver a stunningly beautiful wedding design that’s hard to forget.
Winter wonderland
Having a wedding during the coldest season is memorable enough, but you can upgrade your winter wedding by going for a luxurious tablescape. Go for richly patterned tablecloths with garland-like swirls that evoke wintry landscapes, and pair them with opulent, gold-rimmed china, silver cutlery, and etched crystal stemware.
Easily elegant
If you’re envisioning a touch of elegance for your wedding even with a budget, then opting for to-the-floor textured linens is your best bet. These fabrics give a tactile depth to your tablescape, even with sparing décor.
Laze in a lounge
With all the walking around and socializing, guests will truly appreciate a space where they can sit back and relax. Creating a lounge area with plush seating, oversized pillows, and even a comfy daybed is as memorable as it is thoughtful.
Orchids for days
Whether you’re planning a destination wedding in the tropics, or bringing the tropical to your venue, going all out with an orchid-covered archway or gorgeous canopy creates a wow factor that’s hardly matched in wedding decorations.
Inspired by the elements
Wedding table decorations can also draw inspiration from the surroundings. Think table signs made of wood, written on chalkboard, and crafted from twigs, seashells or pine cones. These decorative items are instantly memorable and, since they’re personalized, meaningful too.
Let there be light
Make memories clear as day by planning adequate romantic during your big day. According to BBJ Linen, you can hang lanterns from barn rafters, or even string café lights in trees or along a ceiling line for a truly shabby chic wedding to remember.
Share a throwback
Decorate your wedding with vintage trinkets like old leather books, rustic lanterns, and jewelry boxes that add a touch of nostalgia to your romantic affair. Paired with vintage china, your mementos become your guests’ too.
Flowers in the air
Décor Ideas for a Wedding to Remember
Bob and Dawn Davis Photography Vintage weddings are all about drama. What can be more dramatic than flowers in the air? Place large, circular bouquets in tall crystal vase toppers to make your flowers look like they’re floating over your wedding tables.
Nature as fabric
If you’re keen on nature, why not try using rustic greenery and twigs as a table runner? Spread out eucalyptus, pink roses, and even small oranges for a classic table runner. Or, make a bold statement by laying down old garden roses against textured white linen for added contrast.
A day in the park
Décor Ideas for a Wedding to Remember
Destination St. Louis For a more informal celebration, you can try a picnic wedding reception. Wooden farm tables and benches make are casual seating arrangements that keep guests at ease. You can even spruce up the tablescape by adding wooden flower boxes as your centerpiece.
Go Victorian
Décor Ideas for a Wedding to Remember
Ashley Biess Photography Bring in the height of vintage sensibility by going for a Victorian-themed wedding. Deep purple flowers in your table setting underscored by jacquard cloth emphasize a sublime aesthetic that pairs well with jewel-toned flatware, and gold-toned cutlery.
For the nostalgia
Since we’re talking about memories, create new ones by using vintage modes of transportation as set pieces in your wedding. Display a vintage automobile at the reception that serves as a topic for long conversations, and a backdrop for family and friends to take pictures with.
Shape of the heart
While the heart is the shape of romance, geometric table accessory is the form of memorable, contemporary weddings. Pick geometric candle holders and terrariums in black or copper for a minimalist approach that has a lot to say.
Traditional is still rad
If you’re not too keen on going outside-the-box, you can still enjoy a traditional wedding that everyone will remember – just don’t forget to emphasize the details. BBJ Linen shares that pristine white linens, etched crystal, and petite floral arrangements do the task of honoring tradition in a thoroughly contemporary manner.