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July 12, 2018 2 min read

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Tools of the TradeFlower Arranging with Fresh Flowers

Flower Arranging with Silk Flowers

Flower Arranging with Dried Flowers- How to Dry Flowers

Pre-arranging Techniques and Treatments

Stem Wiring and Lengthening Techniques

How to Hold Fresh Flowers in Place

Eight Basic Flower Arrangements

Table Arrangements & Centerpieces

Floral Containers- Preparing them, creating your own

How to make a Bouquet

How to make a Corsage

How to make Flower Garlands

How to make a Floral Head Garland

How to make a basic floral bow

How to make different kinds of Wreaths

How to make a Swag.

How to make Garlands

How to make a Topiary Tree

Flower Arranging in Japan and China

The Principals and Elements of Western Design

What are Line, Mass and Line-Mass Arrangements?

What are Line, Focal and Filler Flowers

What are Traditional Floral Designs?

What are Non Traditional Floral Designs?


We have compiled many secret techniques used in floral design. Follow the links below to the different sections and projects.In the section on Basic Floral Designing 101 you will learn the story of flower arranging, how it began, developed and spread from ancient cultures throughout the world. It tells how arranging flowers became a vehicle for expressing universal truths through intention and symbolic representation, and how the art was also used for significant occasions, fashion and for decorating the home. It also explains the basic principals in design that will be referred to again in the all the projects.

In Tools of the Trade you will learn the proper use of waterproof tape, floral stem tape, waterproof clay, pan melt glue, hot glue gun and glue sticks in floral design. Also learn about the different floral foams and their proper preparation.In How to Work with Fresh Flowers you learn the tricks and hints in selecting your flowers and the life prolonging techniques for cut flowers. In Pre-arranging Techniques and Treatmentsyou will learn
How to destroy the bacteria from previous plants in your vases and containers
How to pre-hydrate your flowers, how to properly store them
How to cauterize different flower stems
How to straighten curled up tulips
Stem Wiring and Lengthening Techniques and How to Hold Fresh Flowers in Place tells you how to use floral cups, how to make candle cups and how to use different tapes and floral wires.Take a look at the Eight Basic Flower Arrangementsthat can be used for fresh, dried or silk flowers.Nothing finishes off your arrangements like the perfect floral bow. Learn How to make a basic floral bowand All about ribbons.Gather up some great ideas for making unique and quick containers for your arrangementsLearn How to make a Bouquet step- by- step.Learn How to make a Corsage step- by- step.How to make a Floral Head Garlandshows you step by step how to make a head garland with floral wire.