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July 12, 2018 2 min read

How to make a Calla lily cascading Bouquet - Long Stylecompliments of Save-on-crafts.comThis is a spectacular long flowing bridal bouquet. And it is very easy to make if you just follow the steps. An extra pair of hands is a plus when making this wedding bouquet.Materials and Tools:
Lay out all your floral designing tools. Heat up your glue gun or glue skillet. You can use floral designing tacky glue instead of hot glue if you wish. You will need to dip each stem end into the glue or hot glue before attaching to the bouquet holder and floral foam.
  1. Start by making a bed of ferns and gypsophila blossoms. Cut each stem approx 6 inches long and work around the bouquet holder to cover it completely. Be sure to wrap cut end of all cut stemswith floral tape. Keep the overall length of each stem around 5" once in the bouquet form.
  2. Cut stems off 12 calla lilies with natural stems. You just want the flower and 3" of the stem left on. Save the stems ( you cut off) for later. Start placing the calla lily flowers throughout the bed of ferns on the bouquet holder.
  3. Cut 6 calla lily stems the following lengths: (1)14" long , (2) 12" long, (1) 10" long (2) 6" long. Place these stems into the bottom of the bouquet holder. (see image for placement) . You will have a cascade effect by inserting with various lengths.
  4. Cut the miniature ivy garland into 14" lengths (84" total). Arrange 3 long stems of miniature English ivy on each side (toward the back) of the bouquet holder. These will cascade down around the calla lilies
  5. Take your calla lily natural stems pieces (left over from stem #2) and bend them into half circles and place throughout the bouquet.
  6. Spray the plastic handle on the bouquet holder with spray adhesive. Wait until it feels tacky - then wrap the bouquet holder handle in satin ribbon (1-1/2" wide) and pin it with 4 pearl top corsage pins.