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July 12, 2018 4 min read

Nothing makes guests feel more welcome at your big event than a few homespun details. So make your wedding guests feel at home with a few rustic arrangements. Showcasing organic, earthy materials, these decoration ideas are sure to bring the warmth of a peaceful countryside to your day.

  1. Hello, Hurricane
    Can minimalism and rustic chic go together? With this decoration, of course they can! This simple, sleek centerpiece makes for a perfect rustic wedding decoration. Recreate this understated look by placing a small wood slice in the center of your linen-covered table. Next, arrange a glass hurricane shade atop the wood foundation, and fill the bottom with a small layer of preserved moss. Secure a white pillar candle in the shade to heighten your display. Complete the look by sprinkling a few faux succulent blossoms on and around the wooden base. Photo from Make:
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  2. To Put it Plankly
    Bring homespun detail to your big day with this rustic wedding decoration. Perfect for your sweetheart or banquet table, these plank signs will add a natural element to their sleek, elegant surroundings. Emulate this look by selecting basswood planks trimmed with bark to use as your signs. Next, use paint or markers to write the word, “Mrs.” on one plank, and, “Mr.” on the other. Drill a hole in each of the top corners of the planks and slip wired ivory ribbon through the holes to create loops. To complete your look, hang the loops on wooden chair backs, and garnish your signs with ivory millinery flowers. Photo from Ezzly
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  3. Milk Can Magic
    Your wedding may not be held on a quaint, little farm in the country, but you can decorate like it is! This charming farmhouse look makes for the perfect, functional rustic wedding decoration. For this cardholder, select a vintage metal milk can as your simple foundation. Next cut five small triangles from burlap fabric and fray the edges to add a bit of texture. Write the letters, C, A, R, D, and S on the triangles, and glue them to a strand of twine. Wrap the garland around the front of your milk can, and attach with glue or UGlu dashes. Place your vintage cardholder on a table or bench at your wedding reception. Photo from Today
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  4. Blue Bottle Beauty
    For a pop of color at your outdoor ceremony, enlist the help of colored glass and powdery flowers. For this rustic wedding decoration idea, select a deep blue glass bottle as a vase to hold flowers and sprigs. Wrap brown twine around the neck of the bottle, and use the twine to form a loop for hanging. Wrap another strand of twine around the body of the bottle, finishing it in a bow. Next, fill the bottle with several sprays of baby’s breath and lambs ear leaves. Showcase this rustic vase by looping it over a chair back along your wedding aisle. Photo from Wedding Colors
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  5. Grass and Glass
    Bring the ambience of a dew-kissed meadow to your reception with this luscious tablescape. For a fresh, rustic wedding decoration cover your farmhouse table with a muslin tablecloth and jute runner. Fill large vases with thick bundles of preserved boxwood and clusters of dried caspia, and arrange them in the middle of the table. Next, fill clear glass jars and votive holders with ivory votive candles, and scatter them around your sprig-filled vases. Photo from Bridal Guide
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  6. Lovely Levels
    Perfect for centerpieces or gift table garnishes, this leveled look will bring countryside flair to your big day. Emulate this rustic wedding idea with wood slices, mason jars, and crisp, white flowers. First, select a large wood slice with bark trimming. Arrange a smaller wood slice off center on the larger slice, creating a stair step look. Next, place mason jars wrapped in twine and burlap ribbon on the slices. Fill the jars with sprays of faux hydrangeas, wedding flowers, and snowball flowers to complete your cheerful look. Photo from Bridal Guide
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  7. Uniquely Upcycled
    For a mellow, earth-toned spread, put amber-tinted bottles to work. This striking, rustic wedding decoration brings an organic, eco-friendly look to your special day. Recreate this vignette by using a striped jute table runner as your foundation. Next, choose glass bottles of different sizes and shapesto place atop your runner. Fill a couple of the upcycled vases with dried wheat stalks, and the rest with magnolia sprays. Photo from People
    Rustic Wedding Ideas
  8. Country Glam
    Redefine rustic-chic with this metallic spread. The juxtaposition of sleek mercury glass and branching flower blossoms make for the perfect urban-set rustic wedding decoration. Create this dramatic look with several mottled mercury glass vases of different shapes. Fill your vases with fluffy bundles of preserved caspia and baby’s breath. Next, arrange rose gold and silver mercury glass votive holders filled with lit candles around your vases to bring a glowing finish. Photo from Wedding Party App
    Rustic Wedding Ideas