Most homes and places are equipped with electric lighting, but candles continue to be used for creating a romantic, intimate, comfortable ambiance for different celebrations—weddings, birthday parties, proposals, anniversaries, and many more. We just can’t resist the magical, comforting glow of lit candles. Lighten the mood of any celebration with beautiful candles! Save On Crafts offers quality yet cheap candles of different shapes and sizes. Choose from our wide selection of floating, pillar, sphere, taper, tealight, and votive candles. Save On Crafts’ candles are made from premium grade wax, giving them a simple yet elegant finish. Best of all, they’re available in several colors, including cream, black, blue, brown, green, gold, pink, red, silver, yellow and many more. If you want a flameless candle-effect, we also offer LED wax candles that emulate the romantic warm glow of real candles. Get them all at low prices.

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