Whether it’s due to the warm light that softens the ambiance or the gentle smell that permeates the air, candles can undoubtedly alter how a place looks. Candles bring romance, intimacy, and comfort that no other lighting pieces can completely replicate. Save On Crafts enhances this effect with beautifully crafted candles holders perfect for any occasions—romantic candlelit dinners, relaxing baths, family reunions, wedding celebrations. Add elegance to your table display with our clear and colored glass candle holders. Our designs range from simple votive holders to the most elegant mercury glass compotes that look straight out of a fairytale book. We also have candlesticks and candelabra. Travel back in time with our vintage candelabra and add an old-world beauty to your display. Looking for a unique candle holder? Check out our metal candle tree for a modern gothic aesthetic.

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