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Using Focal, Filler & Line  In Floral Design - Click to enlargeUsing Focal, Filler & Line In Floral Design
Using Focal, Filler & Line  In Floral Design

Photo above from René's Bouquets

Line flowers stand tall and have many blossoms close to the stem. They are “showy” flowers like liatris, snap dragons, delphiniums, stock, gladiola and Canterbury bells. The line flowers are inserted both vertically and horizontally in the design first, to establish the direction and shape of the arrangement. Focal and filler flowers are added to add to the shape and feeling of the design.

Photo above from René's Bouquets

Focal flowers, like roses, magnolias, hydrangeas and peonies are single stem, compact the flowers that command the attention of the viewer. They are placed close to the center of the arrangement slightly above and drooping below the edge. They add stability to a design.

Photo above from René's Bouquets

Filler flowers have clusters of individual flowers on a single stem or flower head. Some fillers have multiple leaves and feathering blooms. They are called transitional flowers because they are used to fill spaces between the line and focal flowers. statise, dianthus, denzia, pom-poms, field flowers, baby’s breath, poppies, rananculus and wax flowers are examples of filler flowers

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