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DIY: Basic Bouquet Making Instructions - How to make a bouquetDIY: Basic Bouquet Making Instructions - How to make a bouquet
DIY: Basic Bouquet Making Instructions - How to make a bouquet

How to make a Fresh Floral Bouquet 

Make it simple and it will look wonderful. 

  • A unique bouquet will enhance a plain dress.
  • A simple bouquet will enhance an elaborate dress

You will need floral or stem wrap tape, some floral wire (to support the weaker stems), a bouquet collar (if you are using one).  A bouquet should be easy to hold and should compliment the holder not overwhelm them. 

You will hold your bouquet with both of your hands, arms slightly downward so that they are comfortably just below your waist line. Look in the mirror with your wedding gown/ dress on and this will help you determine the size and shape bouquet you want to hold.  

Your flowers  / bouquet should work with your dress design, your body shape and how tall you are. Petite brides have petite bouquets. When you think about what flowers you want in your bouquets please keep in mind "the season" and "where you are having the wedding". 

The bouquet is just a larger version of the corsage. If  you have read the corsage making instructions you are ready for bouquet making. Bouquets look better when the flower stems are showing.  If you are planning to toss the bouquet you make a second one for that purpose.

For fresh flowers the first thing to do is to soak the flowers in a preservative solution for several hours so the bouquet will last a long time.  

1. Loosely wrap the wire around the full length of the stems in a spiral. 

2. Cut the stems across the bottom before wrapping in floral tape.

Taping wired stems

1. Wrap a piece of floral tape around the top of the wire and press in place.

2. Turn the stems and stretching and pulling the tape in a downward angle. The tape should be tightly wrapped around the wire stems without any buckles or gaps. 

Wrapping Stems with Ribbon 

1. Hot glue the end of the ribbon 1" from the bottom of the stems. 


2. Pull the ribbon around the bottom of the stems and wrap carefully up the length of the stems. Hot glue at the top to secure and trim off any extra ribbon. 
3. To add tails to wrapped stems hot glue ends of ribbon to ends of stems before wrapping the stems with ribbons.

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