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June 08, 2022 4 min read

7 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Engagement Party

Woo-hoo! You're officially engaged! Even butterflies are celebrating with their magnificent play in the air. The sun is showing off its most beautiful rays just for you and your loved one. Now that the massive step in your life has been made—it's time to enjoy everything with your friends and family. So, our way of saying congratulations to you will be a bit different. We will give you our greetings in the form of seven vital tips for planning an unforgettable engagement party. 

1# Take a deep breath

The first rule is simple yet - dare we say - the most important. After the proposal, everything starts going so fast. You're already thinking about buying a wedding dress and writing your vows, but you need to take it slow. All parts of wedding planning, including the engagement party, can be highly stressful. Stress mixed with excitement can make your heart pump like crazy, but it's not really good for productivity. So, in order to make your party a smashing success, you need to take a deep breath (or two if necessary) and let your creative juices flow. It seems simple, but once you get in all that fuss, you'll find that it's so easy to forget the most important thing –which is to relax and enjoy the process with your significant other.

2# Select the venue first

The first decision you want to make is where you will host the party. Why? Whether it's a backyard barbecue or a patio on a rooftop, the location you choose says volumes about the level of formality of the setting. Remember that this day is about you so the atmosphere may be whatever you want it to be. Even if the location has nothing to do with the overall concept of the wedding, selecting a beautiful setting will provide an air of elegance to the celebration.

Every place can become an elegant venue

However, a good party can be hosted at not so fancy places like your rental. If you decide to go small and host the party at your rental home, there are still ways to pull this off and make it unforgettable. Storage and moving experts say that the right decorations can make your rental just as good as any other venue for an engagement party. 

3# Invitations are an important part of planning an unforgettable engagement party

Engagement parties are traditionally more intimate than the big day.  So, it's not necessary to send these invitations as early or in a manner that is as formal as the wedding invitation. However, a quick e-vite on pretty wedding stationery will ensure that your guests are free on that day and can mark it on their calendars. If you're not into e-vites, you can always send traditional paper invitations. It could be a good idea to use the same paper and design as you'll use for your wedding invitation. That will make all the festivities seem more cohesive and thought through. 

Minimalistic is great in terms of invitation design when planning an unforgettable engagement party

4# Make it about you and your partner

Once you start working through the details, the important thing is not to forget that it's all about you and your partner and your love. Celebration of love is the purest and most memorable thing! Also, considering how intimate engagement parties usually are, you can go to full lengths to celebrate your relationship. You can incorporate important parts of your relationship in things like:

  • decor
  • food
  • music

You can, for example, make custom signage and vow the guests! The devil is in the details, so don't be afraid to get creative and play with them.

5# Don't go over the top with decor

For engagement parties, it's really not necessary to get too crazy with the decorations. If you so like, you may gradually inject elements of the wedding theme wherever it is feasible to do so. Use suitable colors for the color scheme you've decided to go with if you're organizing a contemporary wedding. A beach wedding calls for the addition of seashells and blue colors, while a rustic wedding calls for succulents and seasonal flora.

Make it personal

Expert consultants at U.Santini Moving and Storage say that decor is the perfect place to get personal. You might place on display polaroid photographs that the two of you have taken at various points of your relationship. Or, serve dinner on engagement-themed tablecloths and plates. These understated details convey a wealth of meaning and will make your party warm and unforgettable. 

6# Through the stomach to the perfect party

The important part of every party is definitely the food. There is always something to say about the food, irrespective of the event that you are attending. You may organize a small, formal dinner for a small group of people or host a brunch in the late morning. Regardless of the kind of dining experience you decide to provide for your guests, a catered meal is guaranteed to be a hit. It might include a dish that the two of you like eating together, such as one from your go-to eatery or the first meal that the two of you ever prepared together. That way, you'll go through your guests' stomachs straight to their hearts! Also, be sure to include some fun cocktails to make it the full experience.

That fruit tart you ate on your first day will be the perfect touch on the menu!

7# There's no party without music

If you want your guests (and yourself) to have the time of their lives, you need to slay the music selection. The science of DJ-ing crosses paths with cardiology. That means that you'll want to slowly increase the rate of the beats as the list of songs progresses. Start with tunes at about 60bpm and slowly build up through the night. You can always find a good DJ who will do it for you or a band to make your wishes come true. To make it all perfect and magical, be sure to include the tunes that are important for you and your partner throughout your relationship. 

Whatever you decide, be sure to remember one thing. The secret to planning an unforgettable engagement party is to enjoy every step of the process!