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June 09, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Making Your Rehearsal Dinner More Memorable

Everyone wants their wedding to be incredible, but sometimes the rehearsal dinner becomes an afterthought. It’s an essential part of the days leading up to your wedding, so it should be just as magical as your ceremony and reception.

Here are a few ways brides can enhance the night before their ceremony.

1. Create Custom Cocktails

You’ll likely hire a bartender to provide drinks at your reception dinner, but they can also enhance your rehearsal night.

Get quotes to find out how much it would cost to serve your much smaller guest list and talk about serving custom cocktails exclusive to your rehearsal dinner to make it more memorable.

2. Serve Upscale Food

Being able to fit upscale food into your rehearsal dinner budget is a significant advantage. You’ll only need to serve the people in your ceremony, so go big with your meal.

You could get organic ingredients or even serve caviar as an appetizer. Just make sure you know the nuances of the food you’re serving to avoid mistakes.

3. Invite Everyone’s Dogs

Turn your rehearsal dinner into a party by inviting everyone’s dogs. It’s perfect for brides who want a laid-back vibe and family feel for their wedding. Hire a sitter or two so your guests can relax, then give the dogs fun feeder bowls so they can eat with everyone else.

The sitters will play fetch with the canines and take them for bathroom breaks while everyone else enjoys their night.

4. Set up Fire Pits

There are a few reasons why fire pits are a great rehearsal dinner idea. They add a relaxed vibe that inspires excellent conversations, and you can also keep them to use at home afterward.

Compare models to find something that works for your dinner, like a large fire pit that uses an advanced airflow system to prevent smoke or a weatherproof model that won’t rust in your backyard.

5. Change Your Venue

You’ll need to practice your ceremony at your wedding venue, but you don’t have to stay there for your rehearsal dinner. Ask everyone to meet you somewhere more fun or intimate. You could dine on a dinner cruise, rent a yacht or hang out at a rooftop restaurant if those locations are more your style.

Make Your Rehearsal Dinner More Memorable

These ideas will make your rehearsal dinner more memorable. Get inspired by thinking about your personality, guest list and what you want to eat to throw the best pre-wedding party ever.