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June 10, 2022 3 min read

Faux Florals? Choosing Between Real and Artificial Wedding Flowers

When brides start planning their weddings, flowers are often the first thing that comes to mind. Everyone deserves gorgeous arrangements that turn their venue into a romantic environment! But first, you’ll have to learn about choosing between real and artificial wedding flowers. Read about the pros and cons of each floral type to decide which is best for your big day.

Are Real Wedding Flowers Better?

You may want to place a few calls with florists around your venue to get quotes and talk about arrangement options. They’ll use real flowers to make your wedding dreams come true, but there are a few other things every bride needs to know about how authentic flowers will affect your planning experience.

Pro: You’ll Work With a Professional Florist

It’s a relief to work with professionals who can take wedding-related responsibilities off of your shoulders. A florist will turn your flower ideas into reality while you spend your time on something more fun, like celebrating at your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Con: The Seasons May Limit Your Selection

Real flowers only bloom at specific times of the year. You’ll need to think about which flowers you want at your wedding and learn when they’re in season to ensure you’ll get the flower arrangements you want. Professional florists are creative visual artists, but they can’t make something like your favorite tulips or sweet peas bloom for your fall wedding.

 If your dream flowers aren’t in-season for your wedding date, you’ll pay more to ship them from wherever they’re growing. The costs add up, especially when you consider the other major wedding budget factors like:

  •  Your venue fees
  • Your gown’s price tag
  • Your caterer’s quotes

Floral fees can cost around $2,000 on average, so it’s important to consider how that fits into your budget. Talk with potential florists about which flowers will be ready close to your wedding date. You’ll save money and guarantee that your flower arrangements will be possible.

Pro: You’ll Create an Aromatic Experience

Your venue might be gorgeous, but if the air is stale or stuffy, you won’t have a great experience. Fresh flowers fill every room with comforting scents and aromas that inspire the heart. A professional florist will help you narrow down your options by scent if you’re unsure what you want at your ceremony, reception, and even your post-wedding brunch.

Con: The Delivery Timing Is Crucial

You’ll also need to time the delivery of your floral arrangements. They’ll only stay fresh for so long. You may have to designate someone to meet your florist’s team at your venue to set everything up while you’re getting your hair and makeup done before your ceremony.

Are Artificial Wedding Flowers Better?

Many brides opt for artificial flowers because faux florals have these significant benefits. They also have a few cons, which may influence your final decision.

Pro: You Can Create Arrangements Any Time

Check your local craft stores for seasonal sales or discounts. You could invite your friends over to make your faux flower centerpieces months or weeks before your wedding. They’ll look just as fresh if you dust them off before your wedding.

Con: Some Faux Flowers Look Cheap

If you order artificial flowers online, you’ll risk getting arrangements that clearly look fake. Check reviews for authentic pictures or search for your flowers in-person at craft stores to ensure they don’t use cheap materials that look bad.

Pro: Brides Can Keep Their Flowers Forever

You don’t need to press faux flowers to keep them forever. Your bridal bouquet could instantly become a dining room centerpiece and your groom’s boutonnière could hang above your bed in a shadow box. They’ll always look exactly how they appeared at your wedding and remain a permanent memento in any spot in your home.

Con: Most Faux Flowers Aren’t Scented

Unless you decide to make room in your budget for expensive silk flowers, your faux arrangements won’t likely have any scents. That may be a downside for some brides, so think about how important that floral aroma is to you. Paying a bit more for natural or expensive faux flowers may be worth it if the fresh, real scents are important to you.

Decide Between Faux Florals or Real Flowers

Choosing between real and artificial flowers is much easier when you know the pros and cons of both types. Consider factors like your budget, schedule, and sensory preferences to determine how to make your flower arrangement dreams come true for your big day!