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June 15, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Coping With Pre-Wedding Anxiety

Getting married qualifies as one of life’s most stressful events, though it’s decidedly more joyful than others like death and divorce. Still, it’s natural to feel some jitters.

Are you making the right decision? Will you truly live happily ever after? Here are four tips for coping with pre-wedding anxiety.

1. Recognize Your Physical Triggers

What is a trigger? In short, it’s a signal your brain learned to associate with danger, causing a hormonal and neurochemical cascade that can cloud your judgment. Your adrenaline and cortisol flow and your glutamate levels rise. Your attention focuses so much that you may begin fixating on minor flaws — like your fiance’s habit of leaving his socks on the bedroom floor — and not see the big picture.

It helps to become mindful of your physical triggers. When you feel anxiety strike, pause. Focus on observing your emotions instead of launching into them.

This activity can help you gain perspective. “I’m thinking that I can’t stand a lifetime of picking up my spouse’s nasty, dirty socks off the floor.” Is this indiscretion really worth giving up decades of love? Have the conversation about the socks — for the third time if need be — and remember you made the conscious choice that your partner’s many virtues outweigh their few flaws.

2. Delegate Some Duties

Pre-wedding anxiety can also stem from having too much to do and too little time to complete it. Fix this by delegating the duties you don’t need to oversee yourself.

For example, you hired the best caterer. There’s no need to call them five times to confirm they’ll have enough plates and silverware at your event. If need be, assign a third party the duty of making the final confirmation calls and focus on your dress fitting.

3. Give Yourself a Break

You know all about honeymoons, but have you heard of earlymoons? They’re the one last-hurrah trip many engaged couples take before marrying. Pack your car with road trip essentials and travel with your fiancé to reflect on everything you love about each other.

If pre-wedding anxiety has you in its nasty grip, why not book one last solo journey? You could spend some time alone to center your thoughts and take a break from planning.

4. Talk to a Neutral Third Party

It’s time to seek help if your pre-wedding anxiety interferes with your daily life. Feel confident that you’re doing what’s best for yourself. Millions of people seek therapy every day for reasons that have nothing to do with mental illness.

Find an objective third party to share your fears if you can't afford a professional. Seek someone who can stay neutral but show empathy and understanding.

Ditch Your Pre-Wedding Jitters

It’s only natural to feel nervous before a significant life event. Getting married falls into the top 10 most stressful. However, coping with your pre-wedding anxiety is vital. Use the above tips to gain clarity and find peace.