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June 01, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: Combining Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Tradition dictates that you and your spouse-to-be spend one last fun night out with your BFFs before saying I do. However, what if those consist of the same people?

No law says you have to celebrate separately, so if you and your future mate share the same tribe, consider these ideas for combining your bachelor and bachelorette parties.

1. Engage in a Mutual Passion

Do you and your friends adore roller coasters? Why not host your combined bachelor and bachelorette party at an amusement park and remember your event with a candid coaster photo? Many of these rent pavilions for special events, and you can lure your brewski buds with two words: beer garden. 

Maybe you like to indulge but have slightly more sophisticated tastes. If so, a wine-tasting or even a whiskey tour lets you sip in air-conditioned comfort while learning about the distilling or grape-selection process. Many such venues have food available that’s far tastier than fair chow.

2. Paint the Town Red

Traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties involve a night on the town. There’s no reason you can’t do it together. The more you have, the merrier you can be, especially if you split the cost of renting a party bus to ensure you have a designated driver.

Make sure someone brings along sashes indicating that you are the bride and groom. It’s no guarantee to get you into the club, but it might persuade a few friendly onlookers to buy you a celebratory drink.

3. Make It a Mini-Vacation

Who said that your combined bachelor and bachelorette party should only last one day? If you and your tribe are inveterate weekend warriors, why not load up your vehicles and hit the road in search of adventure?

You don’t necessarily need time off work. You can leave on a Friday afternoon and return Sunday, splitting the cost of an Airbnb to keep prices affordable.

4. Keep It Family-Friendly

Some brides and grooms already have a few kiddos who deserve to join in the fun. Plus, your bridal party members might appreciate not having to find a sitter to attend your event.

Look for activities that are equally fun for adults and little ones. For example, you can always request your lane put up bumpers for the tiniest bowlers, but folks of all ages can have a blast at the alley. Plus, many such locations have attached arcades and bars, providing fun even after your arms get tired.

Combining Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Who said you had to have a solo celebration before your big day? You and your spouse-to-be can double your fun by combining your bachelor and bachelorette parties. You’ll enjoy the festivities with all your friends, including those you share in common, and make great memories!