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October 15, 2020 3 min read

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Your wedding date is getting closer and after months of planning and organizing, you’re finalizing preparations for your big day. It’s a big deal! While you can expect all the eyes to be on you as you’re walking down the aisle, your groom should feel just as special.

After all, this is meant to be one of the most important days of your lives, so why not make some extra effort to make it even more special and magical for him? Below, five ways to surprise your groom and make him feel like a million bucks on his wedding day.

Organize a hearty brunch for the groom and his groomsmen

Then call it a big day for a reason, and your groom is going to need some serious energy to help him with all the photo-taking, cake-cutting, dancing and toasting that a wedding day usually entails.

While the champagne and pastry may work for you and your bridesmaids as you're getting your hair and makeup done early in the morning, guys will usually have their breakfast later in the day. Help him out by organizing a hearty brunch for him, his best man, and his groomsmen, filling the fridge with everything from eggs and bacon to sausages and sauces.

Hire his dream car to take him to the venue

Your wedding day is practically an excuse to feel like royals for an entire day, so why not step your game up a bit and arrive at your wedding in style? Your cars don’t necessarily have to match – you can choose what you like, and hire his dream car to take him and his groomsmen to the venue. He’ll feel like a movie star, and you’ll get some brownie points, too!

Make sure the groom’s hair is well-groomed

Whether your guy is into a super-trendy fade, classic pompadour, or a casual man bun, one thing’s for certain – his hair needs to be sleek and well-groomed on his big day, even more so if your wedding is taking place mid-summer.

If you happen to live in places such as Arizona where temperatures can get pretty high during warm months, it might be a good idea to look for a Chandler barber and schedule an appointment for your groom to make sure his hair is styled to perfection on his big day. In some salons, walk-ins will be welcome as well, and all he’ll need to do is find the haircut he likes and make his way to the barbershop.

Capture your feelings in a love letter

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Nothing says I love you quite like writing a love letter. Old-fashioned and heartfelt, love letters remind us of times when life seemed much simpler, and when reaching out to your SO meant waiting for days and even weeks for a reply, making the letter and its content all the more valuable.

Find a nice card, pour your soul in it, put it in a nice envelope, and then slip it into his wedding attire, so he can read it on the morning of your wedding day while he’s getting ready. It’s sure to put him in the marrying mood!

Give him something to look at

He already knows he’s lucky to have you, but why not spice things up a bit and give him something he can look at long after your wedding day? In addition to hiring the best wedding photographer you can find, consider scheduling a bridal boudoir photoshoot just for yourself and snapping a couple of stunning photos.

It’s the perfect excuse to slip into something that makes you feel sassy and have a little fun posing while feeling like a professional model. After all, men are visual creatures, and an album filled with sexy and sweet photos of his bride is certain to put a smile on his face on his special day.

Wrapping up

Planning the perfect wedding is no easy feat, but once you’ve settled on the wedding dress, the theme, the decorations, and the cake you want for your big day, it’s time to focus your energy on making your groom feel just as special.

He’s an important part of your big day, and with these five tips in mind, you’re sure to surprise him and make this day even more magical. 

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