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January 23, 2020 3 min read

Planning your dream day can easily turn into a nightmare, especially if you aren’t well-prepared. It’s a week before the big day, and you have all the major wedding components down, but before you sit back and relax, make sure to check off these last-minute to-dos to keep you sane and prepared.

Finalize Your Lists
A wedding can typically take up to a year to plan and sometimes even more, which leaves plenty of time for new ideas, plans to get hectic and your list to become almost never-ending. Make sure you take a second look at things like the RSVP list, your seating chart, or the wedding playlist you’ve created with your band or DJ to ensure there aren't any last-minute modifications you have to make. It’s down to the wire, so make sure you have paid off any necessary costs like the venue or florist, the last thing you want is for them to be waiting for you at the end of the aisle! Check-in with all your vendors to finalize a schedule for the big day, making sure you’re both well prepared for any possible changes.
Prep the Look
Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding
If your dress has spent most of its time at the seamstresses, you probably haven’t had the opportunity to get a feel for the full wedding day look. Now that alterations and fitting are done, your dress is ready to be shown off. This is the perfect opportunity to have your own little fashion show with the entire wedding day look, including the shoes and accessories. It might get emotional so make sure to bring some tissues! If you’re thinking about changing up your beauty routine make sure to test any new beauty product a week in advance. Just in case your skin has a hard time adjusting, a week will give your skin plenty of time to correct itself. Your wedding makeup is an important component to feeling and looking your best on your big day, so pay extra attention to your skin by to help generate smooth skin for easy makeup application.
The Groom’s To-Do
Regardless of how involved the groom has been, his to-do list has to be handled before he can be ready to say “I do”. Contrary to popular belief, the groom should never wait until the day before to get a haircut. They should give their hair time to settle after a cut in order to make it easier to style and correct itself. If your groom is struggling with hair loss, using hair products such as hairspray or mousse will help give the illusion of thicker hair and can provide a last-minute fix. However, if he has the time, a hair loss treatment like can act as a more longterm hair-thickening agent that will help provide him with the confidence he needs to stand tall at the end of the aisle!
Prepare a Wedding-Day Emergency Kit
You might think you have every possible disaster scenario planned out but expect the unexpected! Create your own wedding day emergency kit to guarantee that you’ll be prepared for whatever disaster is thrown your way. If you aren’t sure where to start, there are many that will offer you the basic essentials. If you’re looking to prepare your own, some essentials to include are a sewing kit to handle any day of dress emergencies, super glue to handle any faulty accessories, bobby pins to keep your hair in place through the commotion of the day, and body-spray to keep you smelling and feeling good.
Work on the Vows
Things to Do the Week of Your Wedding
  It can be tempting to leave your vows on the bottom of your to-do list, but set aside some time to help get the ball rolling. With everything you’re going to have to worry about on your wedding day, you’re not going to want to wait to write your vows the day of. This intimate moment will be shared in front of friends and family, so spend time searching for inspiration through old photos or favorite memories. If you’re struggling with , outline some of the important ideas and go from there! Writing your vows might seem terrifying but the more time you spend on them the more meaningful they will become. This last week will seem like the most hectic week of your life, from finalizing vendors to getting wedding-ready, you might find yourself worrying about every last detail but remember to stop and enjoy these special moments!