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January 30, 2020 2 min read

Planning your wedding requires lots of time and energy. You have to imagine what kind of ceremony you want, what type of reception you'll have and who will get a spot on your guest list. Even if you've dreamed about your wedding your entire life, it's different when the time finally arrives to start planning.

After you decide on a date for your big day, you can use that time of year as inspiration. Many brides prefer winter weddings because there's so much to work with that you'd miss out on during any other season. Check out these five winter wedding ideas to inspire your big day. Once you get an idea of what options are at your disposal, you'll discover the fine details that will pull together the ceremony of your dreams.
1. Consider Your Venue
Winter weddings mostly happen inside, but you aren't limited to well-heated dining halls. Think about hosting your ceremony somewhere classic, like a mountain venue covered in snow. Your guests can snowboard and ski when they're not on your reception dance floor. The atmosphere created by the winter weather will make your wedding blend seamlessly into your surroundings.
2. Play Around With Decor
Depending on the date of your wedding, you can play around with decor and potentially make it holiday-themed. December weddings are perfect for giant Christmas trees and string lights, while January or February weddings look wonderful with shimmery decor and snowflake accents.
3. Enjoy Winter Food
Your guests may not want ice cream at your reception, but there are plenty of winter foods that will dazzle everyone. Put together s'mores kits or with bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches. Your guests will love anything served on a warm steaming plate, even if it's a fresh salmon filet over salad.
4. Think About Seasonal Colors
Winter Wedding
Every wedding has some kind of color theme. You'll need to think about the shades of your flowers, tablecloths and other decor. Even though the decision ultimately falls to the bride, you should draw on nature to so they're seasonally relevant. Dark shades of evergreen, reds and deep purples enhance any winter wedding while still providing plenty of decorating choices for the bride.
5. Use a Signature Metal
When you picture winter decor, you probably think of shimmering ornaments and sparkling tinsel. Metal is a decorative way to lean into the cold weather and make the season inviting, while also playing around with textures. , choosing either silver or gold. Match it to your wedding bands or mix them to your heart's content to take advantage of this wintery thematic element.
Spend Time Daydreaming
Daydreaming about things like decor, colors and food is one of the best parts of planning your wedding. Set time aside to imagine walking down the aisle with a colorful bouquet in hand or dancing on a floor surrounded by sparkly metal decorations. Incorporating things you love into your wedding will make the day all the more special.