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January 16, 2020 3 min read

One of the easiest ways to renovate any living space is to change its color. It’s a design philosophy that’s equally true and important for event planning too. Deciding on a color scheme is arguably one of the most important aspects of planning an event. A venue’s architecture, the seasons, and personal aesthetics all strongly influence your choice of palette, which in turn dictates your choice of decor.

Colors also help set the mood and give life to your event’s purpose. Here, we share some gorgeous color ideas that will inspire you to see your next event in a different light.
Warm grays for sophistication
Gorgeous events don’t always mean , pastel, and gold-gilded accents. Warm grays as the base of your color palette can also create stunning visuals with sophistication. Perfect for large venues pouring with natural light, this hue works great in white spaces. As a table overlay, warm gray becomes the ideal canvas for a decisively contemporary color scheme: bold and daring black candles and chargers, pink fabrics, and acrylic chairs.
Warm metallics for luxury
For a modern, luxurious look, opt for warm metallics like gold, brass, copper or bronze. Used in decorative elements like table centerpieces, flatware, and , they work best with black, brown, and wooden tones. Warm metallics are also incredibly versatile colors as accents in your design. Consider combinations of all three in abstract patterns for your table overlay or as a visual layering scheme for your glassware. The results can lead to an air of opulence perfect for indoor functions.
Live for living coral
Gorgeous Color Ideas
A peachy shade of orange with golden undertones, palette for romantic spring weddings. Its bright and joyful shade creates a refreshing look for tablescapes and venue décor. Trendy and tender, Living Coral pairs well with bold colors like teal for an in-your-face and in-the-moment vibe that suits large outdoor celebrations, as well as close-knit familial gatherings.
A garden oasis with pepper stem
Pepper Stem’s yellow-green hue is a zesty base color for informal garden-themed lunches or an unforgettable wedding in the tropics. For beachside affairs, combine Pepper Stem with vibrant blues or even Living Coral to truly capture the sea’s colors. For elegant indoor tablescapes, opt for floral table linens, gold-rimmed fine china, and crisp white décor that evokes a garden oasis.
Oranges and blues for fall
Autumn’s gorgeous vistas are an endless source of color ideas, especially for rustic celebrations. You can bring warmth amidst the season’s cool weather by opting for amber-orange as your base. When used as a linen pattern, you can balance and add visual drama to your tablescape by opting for cool, muted blue accessories in the form of table napkins and candle holders.
Pine for sophisticated holidays
Gorgeous Color Ideas
Tired of red and green when Christmas comes? Pine is a sophisticated and magnificent deep green that can be a luxurious alternative. Forget red. When used in fabrics – think of velvet napkins and overlays – pine’s solid color creates stunning tablescapes paired with textured or lacy table runners and creamy white dinnerware.
Stay festive
Big celebrations call for big colors. And there is nothing bolder than red. Fiesta, a summery red with orange undertones, is the color of choice for exuberant celebrations like multicultural activities, brand activations, and birthdays. From passionate blooms to daring prints, a component tone or a pattern, Fiesta is an exciting color scheme ideal for the summer. Are you looking to temper its brightness? Layered black and gold flatware on your linen will balance the tablescape while adding more conversation starters.
Colorful minimalism for contrast
While muted tones and neutral color palettes are traditionally associated with minimalism, a touch of vibrancy can add more visual weight to any event. Flat colors deliver clean and simple aesthetics for any event. But when paired with unexpected color flourishes, prints and patterns for your event’s décor, any space becomes striking without being overwhelming. It’s a color scheme that’s ideal for weddings, baby showers, and cocktail nights.
Sweet lilac for the nostalgia
From formal soirees to weekend lunches, sweet lilac’s lavender undertones make it a refreshing and reliable palette for any event. Its simplicity offers boundless design opportunities for any event planner. Accessorized with lush floral centerpieces and alongside gorgeous wooden furniture, sweet lilac exudes a subtle grace. Used in tandem with bold prints, it becomes a dynamic color that’s both modern and whimsical.
Timeless with navy blue
Gorgeous Color Ideas
Inspired by the oceans, navy blue is a distinctively welcoming color among darker hues. Paired with sand tones and muted beiges and browns, this complex color is even more emphasized. Although considered a staple for fall, navy blue and its various shades, accents, and patterns, can be used throughout the year and is the perfect choice for refined, corporate events.