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October 21, 2020 2 min read

Bachelor parties have a reputation for getting wild, it’s true. But you don’t have to go full throttle if you want to have fun. There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without going overboard.

The five ideas below allow you to enjoy a memorable hurrah before saying, “I do.”

1. Paintball or Laser Tag 

Do you remember how much of a blast it was to blow your BFF away with a Nerf gun as a kid? Why not recreate the magic as a grownup with a few rounds of paintball or laser tag? 

The former gets you outdoors, which many experts consider a safer place to be during the pandemic. However, it smarts something awful when you get hit — don’t plan this festive fun too close to your honeymoon unless you want your spouse-to-be accidentally bumping your bruise. 

Better indoor ventilation means you can outsmart the sting by playing laser tag. Call ahead to ensure facilities in your area are open. If so, why not relieve stress by zapping your buddies? 

2. Axe-Throwing 

When it comes to blowing off steam, few things match a couple of beers — while tossing sharp objects. You might associate this hobby with the Renaissance Faire, but you can find this in-demand recreational activity across the U.S. and Canada. 

Each axe only weighs around a pound — no one expects you to chuck a sledgehammer. You probably shouldn’t use a picture of your future mother-in-law as a target, though, just in case your future spouse sneaks a peek. 

3. Rock Climbing 

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Something about testing your limits is, frankly, entertaining AF. Work your entire body and conquer your fear of heights on a rock-climbing adventure. 

You can find indoor gyms or head to the great outdoors. Take a guide with you, as the changing natural environment demands an expert in the area. “Bachelor party gets stranded in the wilderness” makes an engaging headline — if you aren’t the ones building signal fires. 

4. Outdoor Adventure Road Trip 

Just you, your buds and the open road — what’s not to love about a spontaneous weekend trip? Load up the cooler with water and beers and let adventure be your guide. 

Make sure you pack plenty of masks, even if your home jurisdiction has no mandate. Other locations do, and you don’t want to be “that guy” who kicks up a fuss and makes cashiers go prematurely gray. 

5. Gentleman’s Night on the Town 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something more low-key. Why not rent a limo and treat your buds to a gentleman’s night on the town? You can hit up a cigar bar, go wine-tasting or do both.  

Throw a Memorable Bachelor Party With These Ideas 

While it may not be your “last” hurrah, you want to remember your bachelor party. Treat the groom right on a memorable night with these ideas.