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July 14, 2020 2 min read

You want every detail to be perfect when it comes to your big day. But in all that excitement, you might overlook transportation. So what should you consider? You can always go with the traditional limo — but you have ample options to consider. 

1. Horse and Carriage 

What’s more Cinderella-like than a horse and carriage to carry you home from the “ball” — without turning into a pumpkin at midnight? If you’re the equestrian type, you can even ride in the saddle, although you might struggle to manage your gown.

Please be kind to the pony drawing your magical coach. If you plan to get hitched in a thriving city center, the traffic could spook a horse.

2. Electric Bikes

Who says that you have to sit inside? If you don’t mind hitching up your skirts or selecting a mini-dress instead of a gown, an electric bike can provide unique and whimsical transport. Urban models have large tires to allow for stability when navigating narrow turns.

Plus, the added power gets you to your destination without leaving sweat stains before the reception dancing starts. 

3. A Trolley or Shuttle 

Trolleys and shuttles offer a plethora of benefits for you and your guests. If you want to get the party started early, you can raise a glass or two on the ride to the reception without worry.

Additionally, you can arrange for several runs throughout the night to keep guests safe and comfortable.  

4. Sports Cars 

Do you and your beloved have a need for speed? Many well-known rental car companies reserve a luxury fleet of exotic cars for special occasions. Larger companies may have international fleets as well — in case you’re planning to say “I do” on the sunny shores of Greece. 

5. Monster Trucks 

Maybe you and your beloved like getting down and dirty versus speeding off in a Porsche. While you might have trouble climbing aboard in heels — monster truck tires alone stand 66” tall — you’ll get noticed on your ride to the reception.

Try to resist the urge to climb over any traffic jams, though. Other drivers might take umbrage.  

6. The Classic Limousine

There’s nothing wrong with the timeless classic. Make sure you pick a reputable service that will show up on time with the appropriate vehicle. You don’t want members of your party left stranded at the altar. See if you can view the fleet in person before you book, and pay attention to reviews. 

Pay Attention to Transportation Details for the Perfect Wedding Day  
Booking wedding transportation might not seem as glamorous as choosing your dress, but the tips above can make it fun. Get to your reception in the style that reflects you and your beloved’s taste.