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July 16, 2020 2 min read

Modern brides have begun to forget about wedding traditions and embrace new trends instead. It makes personalizing your wedding more manageable, especially when you can choose any venue you like. Instead of a church, many brides prefer lofts, warehouses or even airport hangars, but that can also come with aesthetic challenges.

Budget-friendly venues often don't come with the decor and scenery of more expensive places with histories of hosting weddings. Your preferred location may look a little empty, but that doesn't mean you need to hold your ceremony somewhere else.

Check out how to make the most of a plain wedding venue to transform any space into a dream location. You'll save yourself time and money, all while sticking with the place you prefer.

1. Emphasize Your Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the focal point of your reception because everyone will spend so much time at their tables. No one will be able to think about plain scenery when they're captivated by a gorgeous arrangement. Think about what you like and find a centerpiece idea that shows it off. Whether you go with florals, candles or other decor items, a dazzling centerpiece can make any space feel wedding-ready.

2. Go Big With Florals

Dive into the romance of your wedding by going big with your floral arrangements. Think about a flower arch behind your altar, making bouquets for your bridal party or hanging an array of blooms from the ceiling over your dance floor. Some brides worry about faux flowers being tacky, but that won't be the case if you use them correctly. Store silk blossoms somewhere they won't collect dust in the weeks before your wedding so they look stunning in photos.

3. Find Unique Entertainment

You can also liven up your wedding venue by investing in unique entertainment. Find a caterer with singing waiters or hire a live band to play all your reception music. Even installing a bounce house outside for kids will make your wedding exceptionally fun, no matter which venue you pick.

4. Play With Lighting Options

As you tour venues or look through online photos, make a mental note to check their lighting options. You can always consider emphasizing the architectural lighting so it's the main feature of your ceremony or reception. Recessed downlights can change the mood of your dance floor, and display lights can highlight your engagement photos. It all depends on where you host your wedding.

5. Research Your Theme

Many brides decide on a theme before they pick a venue because it guides every decorating decision. Rustic, vintage or even a beach theme will help guide your decor elements. You might want seashells around your reception buffet or straw baskets to hold your guests' table cards. As you research more about your chosen theme, you'll find plenty of online inspiration to transform your venue into a breathtaking getaway.

Take Your Time

Make sure you give yourself lots of time to plan. You can spend days and even weeks looking through all your options to see what you like best. You'll eventually find everything you need to add some romance and magic to your ceremony and reception areas.