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July 21, 2020 2 min read

Saying “I do” can get pricey quickly. What can you do to cut costs without appearing like Scrooge McDuck? Have no fear. You can save money in several ways. Your guests will never notice, and you’ll begin your new life with extra green. 

1. Cut Costs on Labels

Does the name of the shop — or the department therein — where you buy your gown matter? You will pay a mint for a dress labeled “wedding gown.” However, if you look at general formal wear, you can find suitable evening gowns or even prom dresses that fit the bill for hundreds less than a specialty bridal boutique. You remove the tags anyway — why pay more for a label? 

2. Save a Few Trees

How much do you enjoy tallying RSVPs? Why not make your pre-wedding workload less burdensome while wowing your guests with your tech-savvy? Forego the printed reply cards and instead direct attendees to a website that handles the calculations. 

3. Make It an Evening — but not a Saturday — Soiree

Do you have to hold your wedding on a Saturday? Moving it to a Thursday or a Sunday evening has several distinct advantages for you and your guests alike. You’ll save money — venues charge more for Saturday events due to demand. If you can’t afford too much time away for your honeymoon, you can make it a long weekend by taking off the following Friday or Monday. 

4. Repurpose Your Decor 

Are you lining the church aisles with flowers? Why buy separate blooms for table centerpieces if they can pull double duty? The cost of transporting them usually saves money over purchasing different arrangements for each venue. 

5. Slash Transportation Costs 

While it’s wise to arrange a shuttle service for guests who have one too many, these perks can cost a significant sum. Instead, see if you can locate the reception area within walking distance of the church or surrounding lodging. Alternatively, look for an affordable hotel for your reception so that your guests can retreat to their rooms. 

What to Do With the Money You Save

Why spend everything you have on a one-day event when you have the rest of your lives to plan? From improving your home’s curb appeal to investing in fun-in-the-sun, here are some ideas for spending the wad you save. 

  • Go on a honeymoon: If you save enough, you could jet off to Paris. 
  • Fix up your home: Consider renovations with high ROI. A garage door replacement can return up to 85% of the initial investment.
  • Invest: Buy a 5-year CD, and on your fifth anniversary, you can celebrate by spending the interest together. 
Save Money on Your Big Day 

Weddings are expensive. However, these tips help you save for what matters to you and your new partner the most.