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July 11, 2018 4 min read

Spring represents new life, hope, energy, and joyfulness. What better way to celebrate your blossoming love than with a spring wedding? Whether it’s sprinkling, breezy, or the sun is shining down on your lovely celebration, these decorations pay tribute to this glorious season.

  • Birdcage Bliss

    Decorative birdcages are all the rage at weddings these days, bust mostly as cardholders. This look is a fresh take on vintage birdcage arrangements. For this spring wedding decoration idea, use an antique metal birdcage with a hook on top. Fill the bottom of the cage with preserved moss to add texture and depth. Next, arrange a few pillar candles of different sizes in the middle of the cage, and garnish with sprigs of purple flowers. This cage ornament can be hung from a tree branch or shepherd hook along your ceremony aisle. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Spring Secrets

    This meadow-fresh arrangement will wonderfully accent banquet tablescapes, ceremony aisles, or dessert tables at your rustic, spring wedding. For this spring wedding DIY idea, start with a medium size mason jar. Fill it with a thick bunch of dried, fragrant lavender sprigs. Add a finishing touch by wrapping twine around the jar’s neck, and string on a vintage skeleton key before tying the ends. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Birds on a Branch

    Bring the freshness of spring inside with this elaborate wedding decoration idea. Start with sturdy string or rope, and tie to both sides of a long, natural branch to hang from the ceiling. Utilize a thick tree branch with off shooting tendrils so you can attach dainty bird figurines with alligator clips to the twigs. To complete this arrangement, string glass globe candle holders from fish line, and suspend from the branch. This forest-inspired decoration will look stunning above a farmhouse banquet table at your spring wedding reception. Photo from The Budget Decorator.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Bright Lights

    As your reception lingers into the evening, transition your daytime décor to nighttime lighting with these DIY spring wedding decorations. For this vivid display, begin with wine, champagne, and martini glasses in different sizes and shapes to give this decoration some flair. Turn the glasses upside down, so the bowls encapsulate bright, spring blossoms, such as peonies, orchids, and daisies. Place orange and dark orange mini pillar candles on the upward facing feet of the glasses; ready to be lit at twilight. Photo from By Stephanie Lynn.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Rosy Showcase

    Capture the beauty of seasonal blooms with this spring wedding decoration. For this stunning showcase, use ornate apothecary jars as the vessel for your bright flowers. Fill the bottoms of each jar with crushed glass, and layer fresh-looking leaves and sprigs of greenery atop. Arrange preserved rose buds and natural touch lily flowers in the jars, creating a lovely, floral vignette. Finish this decoration by scattering rose petalsaround the bases of each jar. Photo from Homedit.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Bewitching Blades

    Set your guests at ease with this lush spring wedding centerpiece. This grassy display brings the sun kissed vibrancy of a mountainside meadow to your banquet tables. For this decoration, use a wood planter box filled with faux grass. Arrange a few votive candles in glass holders among the blades, so the tops peak out and add radiant light to the table. Finally, use a chalk marker to write the table number on a piece of slate rock, and lean it against the planter to complete the centerpiece. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Fresh Pick

    This orchard-inspired decoration is the perfect outdoor spring wedding idea. Displaying fresh, luscious apples will mimic the crisp, sunny ambience of the months leading to summer. For this glorious display, fill large clear cylinder vases with fresh Granny Smith Apples. Pour water in the vases to magnify the vivid fruits inside. Arrange voluminous bunches of preserved hydrangeas atop each apple-filled vase, and tie a bit of twine around each vase for a finishing embellishment. Photo from Ciao! Newport Beach.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Bucket of Sunshine

    Bursting with rustic charm and cheer, this spring wedding decoration will adorn your ceremony aisle in floral splendor. For this enchanting ornament, fill a small, galvanized bucket with water, and add a few filmy clumps of preserved moss to add depth and texture to the arrangement. Sprinkle colorful lotus flowers, orchids, baby’s breath sprigs, and daisies to the water to create a magnificent display. Top this captivating bucket off with an ivory floating candle, and line several of these decorations down the wedding aisle. Photo from Intimate Weddings.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Cheerful Cherries

    Incorporate the breathtaking beauty of a blooming cherry grove to your spring wedding decorations with this arrangement. For this invigorating dessert table spread, start by placing vibrant pink blossom cherry branches in a tall cylinder vase, and spread them out to bring volume to the arrangement. Tie a pink ribbon around the body of the vase for an adorable touch of refinement. Next, display assorted pastries on pedestal cake stands and serving trays beneath the florid bows of the cherry branches. Enhance your display by incorporating cupcakes and cakes with pink frosting to match the blossoms above. Photo from Perfectly Imperfect.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas

  • Irish Spring

    Emulate the luscious, green European countryside with this spring wedding table decoration. Create a vine adorned banquet tablescape with natural textures, glass held candles, and garlands of ivy. Use a table runner the textural base for your decorations, and scatter with ivory pillar candles sheathed in hurricane glasses down the middle. For a splash of color, coil a silk ivy garland around the glasses and candles. Finish your festive look by layering a handful of fern sprays among the leaves and candles. Photo from Invitations by Ajalon.

Top 10 Spring Wedding Ideas