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July 11, 2018 2 min read

Picking what you want at your dessert bar may not be easy, but it should be fun! Add a little extra flavor to your dessert table by giving the wedding cake some company! From cookies to candy and more, here are 8 of our top ideas that are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.

  • Bake Some Cookies

    Who doesn’t love cookies? Pick a selection of your favorites and pile them into apple baskets, bowls, or even stack them on top of cake stands. Photo from Quiero una Boda Perfecta.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Make S’Mores

    Have s’more fun with this classic dessert! Display a selection of chocolates and fill some bowls or apothecary jars with marshmallows. UseScrabble tiles to spell out S'Mores. Have your guests toast this treat over a fire pit at your evening reception! Photo from Camille Styles.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Go Black & White

    The black and white theme is especially perfect if you can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla. This neutral color scheme goes with just about everything and will allow you to offer a variety of cookies, cupcakes, and even donuts. See all the banners, garlands and pennants and the paper party decorations to use for display. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Make Popcorn

    Whether you like your desserts to be sweet or savory, this clever idea is sure to do the trick. Fill large vases or bowls with kettle corn, cheesy popcorn, trail mix popcorn, and more! Give your guests treat bags to take some home with them as favors. Photo from Rustic Wedding Chic.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Grab Your Favorite Candy

    If you have a multitude of sugary treats in mind, a candy bar is the way to go! Put all your favorite confections into various apothecary jars and canisters. Accessorize your display with a "Love is Sweet Take a Treat" sign! Photo from Wedding Chicks.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Don’t Forget the Pie

    The pie bar is one great idea that will work any time of the year. Bake mini pies for your guests and place them on tiered dessert stands, or elevate various pies on vintage or rustic cake stands for an interesting display. Adorn your table with a tassel garland or burlap bunting for a colorful accent. Photo from B.Lovely Events.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Waffle Around

    If you’re the kind of person who likes breakfast for dinner, why not do breakfast for dessert? Fill mason jars and small, galvanized pails with fruits and berries. Hang a few paper lanterns over your waffle bar for guests to enjoy this unique treat well into the evening. Photo from Flickr.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas

  • Get Some Ice Cream

    Perfect for warm weather as well as indoor weddings, an ice cream bar is a great way to let your guests sample both homemade and classic flavors. Use Heirloom Glass Goblets to hold a selection of toppings! Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Top 8 Dessert Bar Ideas