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July 13, 2018 5 min read

These party ideas are those weekends when all you want is to be with friends and celebrate the simple pleasures in life, like good wine and cheese. These tips are for the gatherings where your desire is to eat, drink, and be merry without the fuss of have to transform your home or patio to fit a party theme. If you are yearning to host a simple gathering for loved ones, these wine and cheese party decorations are for you!

  1. Custom Glasses

    This clever, subtle decoration will surely be remembered by guests and loved ones long after your party. The best part about this wine and cheese party idea? These glasses will come in handy for many occasions to come! For this decoration, start with classic wine or champagne glasses. Next, dip the foot of each glass in black chalkboard paint , creating a unique canvas for your guests. Once they are dry, lay out chalkboard markers of different colors for your guests to use to write their names or dray designs on their wine glass. Photo via Catch My Party.
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  2. Cork and Candle

    Bring warm light to your evening cocktail party with this vintage-inspired decoration. For this glowing look at your wine-inspired party, start with a large, clear cylinder vase and place a smaller cylinder candleholder cradling white pillar candle inside. Fill the gap between the vase and the candleholder with wine corks. This piece works well as a centerpiece on your cocktail table, featuring cheese and crackers. Photo via Two Twenty One.
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  3. A Crate Day

    For a quick and easy vineyard-inspired decoration, put a vintage wine crate to work! For this wine party idea, fill a few of the slots with empty wine bottles. Fill the openings with slender taper candles, transforming the bottles into unique candlesticks. Add textural interest to the bottles by tying a bit of twine around the necks. Finish off this vignette by placing a petite bouquet of red flowers in the crate. Photo via Annette Joseph Style
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  4. Sharp and Cheesy

    Go for a more modern look with this crisp arrangement. Display your array of cheeses, wines, and finger foods on white dessert and cake trays with a dark backdrop. Start this cheese party decoration with a long table against a dark wall (if all your walls are light, hang black burlap fabric against the wall for a dramatic backdrop). Next arrange your snacks and cheeses on snappy white cake stands and dessert trays. For a bit of earthy color, incorporate a couple wood slabs to hold crackers or sliced baguettes. Once all of your cheeses and wines are in place, garnish your table with fruit displayed in bell jars, and cylinder vases filled with flour-dusted baguettes and rosemary sprigs. Photo via Made from Scratch
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  5. From the Vineyard

    What better way to enjoy your wine and cheese than to pair it with a refreshing snack. Grapes represent the essence of wine, and pairs deliciously with sharp cheeses. Copy this wine and cheese party decoration by filling a clear cylinder vase with clear vase gems that have the look of glistening ice. Next, stack fresh grapes on kabob skewers, and position them in the vase for the taking. Photo via The Craft Patch
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  6. Chilling

    For a laid-back yard or patio party, you can’t go wrong with a big ice chest filled with white wine. This particular wine and cheese party idea is best for special gatherings; such as anniversary or birthday parties, as you will want to flaunt your favorite photos. For this look, utilize a worn galvanized tub as your ice chest. Add a bit of style and texture by filling two blue mason jars with dried wildflowers, and placing them on either side of the tub. Finish this decoration by suspending three or four strands of baker's twine behind the chest. Use mini clothespins to hang your favorite photos, creating a simple gallery for guests to feast their eyes on. Photo via Stagetecture
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  7. Upcycled Vases

    Create a colorful vignette with wine bottles and natural elements. This wine party decoration idea is perfect for end tables or mantels. For this pleasing arrangement, use several green wine bottles of different shapes. Fill each bottle with one or two artificial orange calla lily stems. These reaching, slender flowers will compliment the color and shape of your makeshift vases. Complete your nature-soaked display by placing preserved moss around the bottoms of the bottles. Photo via Rooted in Love Weddings
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  8. Cheese Cake

    Bring a creative cake motif to your wine and cheese party with wheels of cheese and a cake stand. For this fun and inventive treat at your friendly gathering, start with a colorful ceramic cake stand. Next, choose cheese wheels of different sizes to stack atop one another like a tiered cake. Try to stick to white or cream-colored cheese to give your “cake” a unified look. Finally, place fresh or faux herb or flower sprigs on each tier of your cheese tower to add a textural component. Photo via Southern Living
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  9. Pretty Platter

    This decoration is a lifesaver, as it is extremely easy to make, convenient, versatile, and well thought. This wine and cheese party idea is the perfect display tray for various types of cheeses. For this look, use a plain ceramic or wood tray suitable for serving small bites or hors d'ouevres. Paint the tray with black chalkboard paint so you can scribble down the names of the cheeses you are serving. Keep your tray clean and dust-free by utilizing white chalk markers to write the names of the cheeses. Garnish with crackers or crudités to finish the display. Photo via Decorating Your Small Space
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  10. Boho Lamps

    These homemade wine bottle lamps are perfect for dimly lit mixers in your kitchen or dining room. What better way to embellish a wine and cheese themed party than with recycled wine bottles? For this unique decoration, fill empty green wine bottles with battery-operated stringed lights, emulating the look of fireflies dancing in the evening sky. Cap each bottle with a cork top, and display them on your mantel or kitchen island. Photo via Taste of Home
    Top 11 Wine & Cheese Party Ideas
  11. Cork Frames

    This quirky decoration is the perfect wine party idea, and later, ornament on your side table. For this funky piece, start with a plain wood 4x6 picture frame, and paint tacky glue on each side. Lay rows of wine corks on each panel of the picture frame, creating an almost striped pattern. Place a handmade table number or a favorite photo in this frame, and display on a counter or shelf during your gathering. Photo via Hostess with the Mostess.