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February 16, 2021 2 min read

A winter wedding may seem like an appealing choice. All that snow makes a glorious backdrop for pictures. That said, you’ll need to tend to some additional details if you’re planning your big day for December, January or February.

Here’s what to expect with a cold-weather wedding.

1. Safety Comes First

With winter weather comes the possibility of snow. What if a severe blizzard keeps everything closed?  Please make sure you invest in wedding insurance so that you won’t have to shell out thousands to reschedule if an Alberta clipper applies the brakes.

The safety of your guests comes first, and combining an alcohol-filled reception with icy roads can prove disastrous. Consider chartering a bus to transport your invitees safely home if it fits into your budget.

As a courtesy, advise your guests to bring painkillers in your invitations. Cold weather can exacerbate existing injuries by causing troublesome muscles and tendons to tense up and tighten.

2. Keep Everything Cozy

cardinal in winter

You’ll want to ensure your guests stay cozy. If your venue features an outdoor seating area, make sure they have plenty of patio heaters  — smokers will thank you.

Keep in mind that some guests will bundle up, while others still opt for the little black dress under their winter coat. Most professionals suggest keeping indoor temperatures between 68 and 70 degrees, so check your thermostat.

3. Bring Spare Clothes for Outdoors

Snow can make a magical, enchanting background for pictures — but it does soak your feet. Please bring a change of shoes so that your piggy toes don’t freeze. A pair of non-slip boots works best if your gown hides the “duck” styling.

You might also consider a convertible gown when selecting your wedding dress. Some allow you to go from long to short. That way, if your hem gets soaked during outdoors shoots, you can let it dry while continuing to party in the shorter skirt underneath.

Prepare for Your Cold-Weather Wedding Like a Pro

Exchanging vows in the winter does mean putting in some extra work. However, you can prepare for your cold-weather wedding like a pro with these tips.