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February 18, 2021 3 min read

No matter what project or renovation you happen to be embarking on, choosing your materials and style pathway can sometimes feel a bit daunting. There’s a lot to consider when doing any remodeling project, and your flooring is no different. Whether this is your first time installing a new floor or you’ve been around the block a time or two, having a guide to help you define the process step by step can help everything go much smoother and easier.

Whether you’re choosing flooring for multiple spaces in the house or you’re replacing a specific floor in one room, figuring out exactly what you want — and what you need — can make a huge difference in the long run. No matter your style, you can find flooring that truly works in your home. Here is a step by step guide you can keep in mind when you set out to choose a floor.

1.  Make a List of Priorities

Before you consider anything else, thinking about the kind of flooring you want and need for your space is a good idea. Make a list of priorities, like you would when buying a new house or an appliance. Do you need your floor to be pet stain resistant or do you care a bit more about the comfort level? Is aesthetic your priority, or would you rather keep the budget as low as possible? Think about what you need and go from there.

2.  Get Inspiration

Once you know what you need, you can figure out what you want, which is a ton of fun. While you may already have some ideas about what kinds of flooring you gravitate towards, getting serious about what really sells you and what would work best in your home is important. Go online, look for inspiration and shop around. Compare new ideas to your current flooring and figure out what truly suits you.

3.  Shop for Materials

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Once you have your inspiration down pat, you can start to look for specific materials. While the materials you choose are personal to you in your home, there are so many options out there for different rooms that it’s hard to go wrong. If you’re on the hunt for something sophisticated and eco-friendly for the dining room or living space, bamboo is a great option. If you’re looking for something durable, pet resistant and affordable for a rec room or casual space, uni or kayar rubber flooring are both great options. Talk to a professional and shop around.

4.  Know Your Budget

Once you’ve figured out the direction you want to go in, understanding and applying your budget carefully is one of the most important things you can do in any home renovation project. Flooring cost is calculated based on surface area, so determining the cost and the space you need to fill will keep you on the right track. You should also probably leave in a bit of room for extra costs in case they pop up.

Your Guide to Picking Flooring

No matter what room you’re flooring, knowing what you want, shopping around and sticking to your budget will leave you with a floor you’re satisfied with, from your wallet to what’s actually beneath your feet. What flooring are you leaning towards for your renovation?