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February 11, 2021 3 min read

You moved into your home because it had everything you needed, but now it’s a little cramped. Maybe you expanded your family or need more storage space. Building a house addition could be the perfect solution to your problems, but first you should learn more about it.

There are pros and cons to building a house addition like there would be with any construction project or renovation. Before you call a team of contractors, make sure you’re up for the challenges along with the celebrations.

Pro: It Prevents a Big Move

Moving into a new home creates an entirely new set of hassles. You’ll have to pay for a moving company and a realtor’s services in addition to a home inspection and possible renovations. When you don’t feel your wallet draining, you’ll have to pack everything up and potentially get a new job closer to your future house.

Those challenges may not be worth it if you only need a sunroom or an extra bedroom. Save yourself from the headaches that come with moving if you don’t want to change jobs, school systems or neighborhoods.

Con: It Could Take a While

Some people may consider building a house addition if they’re also thinking about building a new home. Home construction takes an average of seven months to complete. An addition could be much faster, but don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Construction crews, electricians and plumbers are just the start of who might need to help with your addition. It depends on the project. Brace yourself for at least a few weeks of construction noises and visitors.

Pro: You Can Build Up

staircase in home

Additions allow for creativity, so many people choose to build up instead of out. You’ll prevent your yard space from disappearing by adding a second or third floor. No matter how you use the extra space, building up increases your square footage and makes your home bigger. Put a pool or outdoor kitchen in your yard to maximize the use of your indoor and outdoor space in a single project.

Con: House Additions Create Stress

Any addition will disrupt your routine and add extra stress to your life. It could strain your marriage or family relationships if no one feels comfortable at home during the project. There’s also the possibility of additional costs if contractors run into issues with supplies or the project plan. If you anticipate the stress and learn how to combat it, this con might not be as much of a problem.

Pro: You’ll Get a Good ROI

You could get a significant return on investment (ROI) with a house addition. It depends on the project and where you live. On average, homeowners who add a master suite get a 63% ROI when they decide to sell. You won’t waste your money by personalizing your house or lose value because the addition is too personalized to appeal to future buyers.

Weigh Your Options

Building a house addition comes with pros and cons, so weigh all your options. Think about what you’d like to add to your house and if you can handle the stress and costs that might come with it. You’ll find the best solution for your needs and walk into the project with a clear idea of what you can expect.