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February 10, 2021 4 min read

While it’s always nice to have some one-on-one time with your partner on Valentine’s day, it can be even more exciting to coordinate a romantic evening with your coupled friends. A candlelit dinner with themed cocktails or newlywed-esque games will give you your fill of human interaction, while still keeping things intimate. If you’re planning to throw a last minute Valentine’s day get together, make sure you’re inviting a small group of couples in order to keep things safe, and then use the tips below to help you put things together in a pinch!

1.  Send online invites


Whether you usually send out invitations for small gatherings or not, making sure your guests get an invite is a classy touch that will help to build the excitement for the evening. Sending out a simple and customizable email with Evite will relay a message to the recipients that you’re going the extra mile to make the night romantic and fun.  

2.  Find affordable decor

couple surrounded by fairy lights

When throwing a last minute party, one thing that will bring the ambiance to the next level is having the right decor. Valentine’s day is all about setting the mood, and there are plenty of ways to do this without spending too much money. Check out our bulk offerings to save on affordable decor that you’ll be able to reuse for other occasions too:

Silk Rose Petals

Among our wide variety of crafty offerings we also have silk rose petals you can use to decorate your dining room or to tastefully spread across your coffee table and floor. Under dim lighting, your guests won’t know the difference between real rose petals, and silk ones- allowing you to set the mood without spending too much!

Fairy Lights

Using fairy lights for hanging to make things look more romantic is the perfect way to stage the evening without breaking the bank. These lights can be hung decoratively behind your curtains, or placed inside mason jars to illuminate the table as you enjoy dinner. Embrace your crafty side and find a unique way to incorporate them into your party decor!

Tall Candles

Investing in some tall candles for the evening will definitely add an extra touch of elegance. Nothing says romance like candles, so use your party as an opportunity to go candle crazy and put them all over the house (without causing a fire hazard of course!).

3.  Don’t Overthink Your Outfit

clothing rack

Deciding on what you want to wear as you enjoy an evening with your friends can sometimes be quite stressful. If you’re trying to save on time as you put things together last minute, make sure you don’t overthink what you want to wear. To help get you V-day ready, opt for something pink/red that is both comfortable and stylish instead of form-fitting. To help elevate this look even further, consider wearing a pair of silky yet contouring underwear underneath. Intimates that help your figure shine through are the key to putting together a final look you’ll be proud of. There should always be a balance between looking your best for a special evening, while still feeling like you can breathe in your fit.

4.  Have a Signature Drink

pink cocktail

From buying a plentiful amount of your favorite wine to putting together a themed cocktail for the evening, having a signature drink ready to share will make the night feel even more special and luxurious. Discuss with your partner a drink you both enjoy, and have fun concocting this alcoholic love potion together!

5.  Opt for Easy Yet Dainty Finger Foods

snack table

The most time consuming aspect of any party tends to be the food. Instead of going all out with a dinner made of complicated ingredients, try to go for some easy, yet classy finger foods like a charcuterie board or some pinwheel sandwich wraps. Have a variety of options for your guests and try to find a balance between foods that are simple to put together but still delicious!

6.  Coordinate Valentine’s Themed Games

picnic spread and cards

Now is the perfect time to break out your old copy of the Mystery Date board game or even create a template with questions on how well you know your partner. If you keep things light by not going too deep with your queries, you’re sure to have a good laugh with the other couples present as you go through the quiz together!

Hosting an intimate evening with other couples can be a great way to spend Valentine’s day if you’re bored of traditional dates. Or, if you don’t want to sacrifice alone time with your partner, plan a party with friends and a date night to celebrate this holiday in two ways. Remember that online invitations go the extra mile to show your guests you have something special planned, and that there are many affordable ways to set the tone for romance and fun. However you choose to spend your Valentine’s day this year, make sure you take the time to make it extra special!