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February 09, 2021 2 min read

After the thrill of planning your wedding, it’s time to decorate your nest. If you haven’t lived independently before, you might feel a mix of excitement and anxiety.

Here are four design tips for your first home to transform it into the showplace of your dreams.

1. Work From the Outside in

You have another reason to celebrate the popularity of June weddings. Summertime is ideal for slapping a fresh coat of paint on the homestead in many parts of the country due to pleasant weather conditions.

While sprucing up the exterior, please don’t overlook your security. Upgrading your exterior doors, including the garage, can keep you safer in your new home. Today’s steel garage doors feature several wood-grain textures, giving you the strength and appearance you want.

2. Choose a Unifying Theme

If you want your home to resemble a model, you need to think like a designer and create a unifying theme. Do you prefer a rustic farmhouse appeal, or do the straight lines of industrial interiors please your sensibilities? Juxtaposing a modern kitchen against a country-style dining area can look like mixing stripes and plaid — possible, but tricky to pull off.

3. Select Complementary Color Palettes


Unless you want your home to look like an elementary classroom, it’s wise to choose complementary color palettes when designing your interior. Otherwise, a bright yellow kitchen abutting a deep purple dining room can leave you feeling like you inhabit a Crayola box.

Few things are as personal as color preferences. Start by selecting a hue you love, then look at samples, several shades lighter and darker than the original. If you want to go with a different color in other rooms, seek neutral hues to act as a transition.

4. Leave Room for You Both

Remember, your love nest is made for two. Even if you sweetie prefers for you to take the decorating reins, include room for their stuff.

If you are lucky enough to have space for a man-cave or she-shed, that’s ideal, but otherwise, find a different way to carve out unique space. If your partner does the majority of the cooking, maybe they should outfit the kitchen.

Decorate Like a Pro With These Design Tips for Your First Home

Decorating your first home is almost as much fun as the big day itself. Make yours look like you hired a pro with these four design tips.