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February 04, 2021 3 min read

The pandemic put many things into a different perspective. You may have reevaluated your career or how often you want to socialize when it’s safe to do so. Maybe you were planning a traditional wedding, but now you want to know how to feel empowered to elope after the pandemic.

People sometimes say that eloping is selfish or something you’ll regret, but that’s not always the case. Use these tips to feel secure in your next big wedding decision, no matter what you and your fiancé decide.

Evaluate What You Want

Getting married and planning a wedding are two significant steps in life. They don’t have to come as a package deal. What do you want from your wedding? Elopement is an excellent alternative if you cringe at the thought of being the center of attention or spending a long day with relatives you don’t like.

You should feel comfortable and happy at your wedding. A ceremony might make you happy, but not if your anxiety bursts through the roof the entire time. Avoiding a painful social situation is enough to choose elopement, even if everyone wants a reason to get together after the pandemic.

Think About Your Ceremony

Even if you say your vows in the local courthouse, you can still include traditional ceremony elements so your wedding doesn’t feel like filling out paperwork. Think about what you’d most look forward to in a ceremony. You can still do things like:

  • Walk down an aisle
  • Wear a pretty dress
  • Write your vows

Invite a few loved ones and a photographer to witness the moment and make your wedding extra special. You won’t make any compromises that could later cause you to feel like you missed out on something.

Postpone the Event

Bride & Groom

Plenty of pandemic brides had to figure out how to postpone their weddings to keep everyone safe, so why not do the same thing? While COVID-19 remains a threat or if you need extra time to save money, elope now and host a big wedding event later. You could renew your vows or just throw a party to celebrate being married. The promise of a future celebration may empower you to announce your surprise elopement.

Remember the Environment

Still feel like you need a reason to elope? Remember the environment. Asking people to drive to your venue adds to their carbon footprints. On average, cars create 4.6 metric tons of CO2 every year. Attending a wedding increases that average for all of your guests and makes an even worse impact if they fly.

By skipping the big wedding, you’ll improve the environment and align your marriage with your sustainable values.

List the Perks

Sometimes it’s helpful to write things down while figuring out a problem. Make a list of all the perks that come with eloping. Include things like:

  • Saving time by planning less
  • Preventing wedding-related stress
  • Preserving relationships with opinionated family members

If you end up with a long list of pros and hardly any cons, the right decision will become clear.

Spend Money Elsewhere

Need one more reason to feel empowered to elope after the pandemic? Spend your money elsewhere. Say your vows and splurge on a great honeymoon. You’ve earned a fantastic vacation after getting through the pandemic anyway.

Eloping gives you more freedom to get married however you’d like and spend money where it matters most to you. There’s no greater empowerment than knowing you’re doing what makes you happy.