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July 06, 2021 2 min read

You spend a ton of thought on how your wedding will go. You want to conclude with a bang, and you have countless options. Here are four stylish ways to end your ceremony that will give your guests something to remember.

1. Be Kind to the Birds and Your Venue

Did you hear that churches banned rice from their ceremonies because it would hurt the birds? You don’t have to worry about that, as your venue probably doesn’t want to sweep up the mess.

However, you can do better than wasting food. Why not throw rose petals?

2. Customize Your Getaway Car

How will you get to your honeymoon destination? Your plans might include a plane or train, but you need to get to the depot first. Will you go with the traditional cans on the back, or will you do something extra with your getaway car?

If you and your new spouse are sports fanatics, why don’t you deck out your ride in all your team’s gear, from a flag on the front to the license cover on the back? Are you a fan of the Fast and Furious series? Why not forego the traditional limousine and take off in a modified Honda Civic?

3. Light Up the Sky

bride and groom

What bride doesn’t dream of fireworks on her wedding night? However, these devices might not be permitted due to fire danger, depending on where you live.

Many western states have replaced such shows with laser versions that don’t entail wildfire risk. If you have a considerable budget, check with your local aviation authority and talk to your entertainment contractor.

4. Ride Off Into the Sunset

Are you thinking of hosting a themed fairy tale wedding or something reminiscent of the days of yore? If so, you might not want a car at all. Why not ride off into the sunset on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage?

Your flower girl will love feeding your team some sugar cubes or carrots before you depart for honeymoon bliss.

End Your Ceremony One of These Four Stylish Ways

You put so much thought into your wedding day — why not conclude things with a bang? End your ceremony with one of these four stylish ideas.