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July 01, 2021 3 min read

Everyone loves to get together and enjoy an outdoor party during the summer. It’s cool enough in the mornings and evenings for brunch or dinner festivities, but serving the wrong dishes could ruin the atmosphere. These are the perfect foods and drinks to serve at a summer soiree, no matter what kind of food you and your guests prefer.

1. Berry Finger Foods

Berries are in season all summer long, so use them in finger food appetizers. Your guests will adore berry and ricotta crostinis made with crispy Italian bread and a drizzle of honey. Serve it alongside a bowl of fresh strawberries and raspberries to complete your colorful first course.

2. Grilled Corn Cobs

There are numerous ways to grill corn on the cob and smother each ear in butter and seasonings. Pick up a fresh bushel at the local farmer’s market and half them to double your servings. Kids and adults will love the sweet treat at any summer soiree.

3. Summer Beer Varieties

No party is complete without something refreshing to drink. Look for a seasonal beer at a nearby brewery. Pick something with a fruit flavoring or even a classic Pilsner. Have some fun and mix glasses of shandy by stirring lemonade with your beer. Think about what flavors your guests would prefer to serve the best drinks of the season.

4. Wine Inspired Summer Salad

If most of your guests would rather opt for a light white wine, make a summer salad inspired by their wine of choice. The blend of pecans, honey and grilled chicken will dance across your taste buds and sing beneath a sugar-free balsamic dressing.

5. Raspberry BBQ Sausage Bites

outdoor fire pit

Take advantage of the warm weather by heating up your grill. It’s the perfect place to cook raspberry BBQ sausage bites in a saucepan. Use your favorite sauce or make it from scratch. It’s an easy recipe to personalize without taking the summer vibe away from your soiree.

6. Cold-Cut Mini Sandwiches

No one can say no to a cold-cut sandwich on crusty bread. Stock up on deli meat and put together a variety of sandwiches like corned beef or turkey paninis. Slice each sandwich in half or quarters to split them into mini servings. They’ll easily fit on plates at a backyard buffet line or on a platter in the middle of your kitchen table.

7. Homemade Deviled Eggs

Summer gatherings wouldn’t be complete without deviled eggs. It’s a budget-friendly appetizer and easy to make for a large group of people in only a few minutes. Whip up a plate of the classic dish or dress up your eggs with pimento cheese. Think about what you’re serving as the main course to pick the best ingredients that won’t clash with your entrée.

8. Low Country Boil

Most people only serve low country boil during large summer gatherings. It combines some of the best seasonal foods, like lobster, corn on the cob and smoked sausage. Dump it all in your instant pot to cook it in eight minutes and skip the afternoon by the stove.

Serve Delicious Summer Food and Drinks

These are some of the best foods and drinks to serve at a summer soiree, so consider what your guests would enjoy. Make a few appetizers and sides to pair with your main course and your preferred seasonal drinks. Everyone will have a great time starting from the moment they arrive.